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  • Real Estate - Cadence Weapon
    "just bought a house, can't deal with the space just bought a beat, can't deal with the bass before you use lived good, they'd deal in the bass you'd only feel real with concealing the mase not now while"
  • Industrial estate - Fall
    "Get off the ind. est.Get off the ind. est.Yeah, yeah, industrial estateYeah, yeah, industrial estateYeah, yeah, industrial estateWell you started here to earn your payClean neck and ears on your first"
  • Paradise Estate - Television Personalities
    "Mrs. Brown wakes up every morning She takes the milk from her doorstep Puts on a pair of faded carpet slippers And walks a painful mile to the launderette Her husband Jack is slowly dying Asbestos poisoning"
  • Council Estate - Tricky
    "In my mothers belly and I'm starting to kick, 9 months in the womb and I'm making her sick, Squeeze through the womb and I land in the room, Don't know who we are, can't really tell, We do the council"
  • Greg's Estate - Bad Astronaut
    "Hello Lester this is Gregory finally my father before me nose is bleeding, heart is barely beating, surviving you in the den of iniquity now the sole heir of a fallen tree from an estate on a mountain"
  • Low Estate - 16 Horsepower
    "to hell with boys creepin' up slowly swingin' them shovels 'round diggin' up words of pleasure from evil hollow ground o - an' here's one now girl the devil is in his eye you'd better start stirring up"
  • Estate 83 - Fiordaliso
    "Cosa sar ? Eravamo insieme, giorno e notte insieme Quell'estate 83 Tre amiche innamorate, del mondo come fate giravano sull'isola Cosa sar...?? Niente ci fermava e poi si dormiva Con due gocce di chanel E"
  • Wildlife Estate - The Legendary Pink Dots
    "Holed up in the underground with nothing but the soundtrack of our shouting neighbors tossing favors, screaming in the name of love that's bleeding, that's gone baaad. Paint is peeling, baby's squealing,"
  • Reel Estate - Optimus Rhyme
    "There's 7 beer bottles in the back of my brain I see clearly there be nothing but pain Upon this path There's blackberry hedges and crap Hornet's nests, spider webs and well-hidden bear traps And damn"
  • Estate Portatile - Velvet
    "Sono qui, luned sogno ancora il caldo di agosto e un tuffo in pi nel mare insieme a te Luned, sempre qui so che non originale mi vedo ancora steso al sole insieme a te Vorrei un'estate portatile che"

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