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  • I Call It Heaven - Billy Walker
    "[ duet with Ray Price ] They call me a fool and say it won't last That you'll break my heart like the ones in your past They're calling you wild you'll never be true but I call it heaven just being with"
  • It Goes Dark - Klaudia Synak
    "It does Dark There’s no need for a song You gonna cry for my blue little mind Your lonely heart Almost broke us a bar You ask him: why? Tell the end of the tongue Follow Follow Follow Follow Follow I"
  • Real Live Dress - Smog
    "She was wearing A real live dress Waiting for a friend of mine She was wearing A real live dress Waiting for a friend to undermime This dress was better than flesh She wore it when she wanted us to look"
  • I'm Afraid To Love You - Freddie Hart
    "I'm afraid to love you afraid I might like it I'm afraid to hold you afraid I might like it For when your lips invite me to steal a kiss or two I'm tempted but oh but I never fallow through I'm afraid"
  • Youngblood - EMD
    "I guess I knew it, deep in my heart, But I got lost in my echo. In every minute, right from the start, This time around I gotta let you know. Ive been searching high and low and I found a way to go. Theres"
  • Resurrection - Lamb Of God
    "Lay waste torn asunder weak and lost in the past. Obfuscates the self mind, ripped it away. Cobwebs and motes in the eye of the sun god. I think not, serpent get thee behind me. Eradicated your somnambulant"
  • Fall - Devendra Banhart
    "Fallow casts and one's bone your bread But when the night comes Light of match Will catch lay low leave Or sing so long Window spreads like cornfields in fall She come by call She leave no trace She don't"
  • Dead or alive - G.G. Allin
    "Fallin' in love is one free rideSpending my time getting highNever know what you expect from meThe worst you get is the best you seeI'm going crazy am I really aliveIf everyone fallow us do we ever surviveI"
  • The plumb song - Snow
    "Sombody pass me that guitar i wanna no if u can spare a few minutes of your time u no all this chumpin and chimpin and chubin and all round down the world heartake can be broke n break n me but were gunna"
  • Winter - Bella Morte
    "Bella Morte Where Shadows Lie Winter Her chamber waits through timeless days For her lost warmth and her voice And the haunting way she moves against the wind In such silence Set blue skies aflame For"

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