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funky elements

  • Absent Elements - Finger Eleven
    "Everyone plays along Get them giving or steal the life they're breathing They'll grow sickened Take their secret codes and signals Discover all they know Keep up the pace now until it all dries up You'll"
  • 4 Elements - Rahzel
    "yo scrib yo check it out i got this cool wack pattern slink u hears something? what the hell is that oh!! great....... (beat box) damn you, you must be scribbles (beat box) and dj slinky. (beat box) my"
  • Channeling Elements - Candiria
    "CHAPTER ONE through suffering my existence is made whole upward pure the strength of character is raised thorns that lead to a rose eradicate the fences improving from failures that weaken my defenses wake"
  • The Elements - Landau James E.F
    "Now, if I may digress momentarily from the mainstream of this evening's symposium, I'd like to sing a song which is completely pointless, but is something which I picked up during my career as a scientist."
  • 9 Elements - KRS-One
    "Well my ladies and gentlemen This is a rapsession and my name is "KRS-One!" And when I talk about "Hip-Hop Music!", I know (Kris) One : Breaking or breakdancing Rally b-boying, freestyle or streetdancin' Two"
  • The Funky Cypress Hill Shit - Cypress Hill
    "I came to introduce a new type of juice Stuff I invents to make you feel real loose No you don't drink it, just let it sink it Then start feelin it (The Funky Cypress Hill Shit!) People ask, "Why do you"
  • The Elements - Tom Lehrer
    "There's antimony, arsenic, aluminum, selenium And hydrogen and oxygen and nitrogen and rhenium And nickel, neodymium, neptunium, germanium And iron, americium, ruthenium, uranium Europium, zirconium, lutetium,"
  • The Elements - Deadsy
    "Through the mind we flee to space As the shadows choose the place Though afraid, my sleeper must awake So I've used up all and left this time Station Towards where we're falling Faces Glowing blue eyes"
  • 5 Elements - Shyheim
    "Motherf**kin gp in the motherf**kin house With shorty shy (rubbabandz) Yo.. yo.. I raise all hell when i, start to stain Crab niggaz, I recon, you recognize the grain I bring drama to your earpiece, when"
  • Trace Elements - Puissance
    "There is a strange look of expectations of the faces of the people I meet There is a building tension in the air, traces of sulphur in the breaths I take It seems that something has been growing, behind"

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