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halo panie policjancie

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halo panie policjancie
  • SOiL Halo
    "I'm the man,I'm the king,I'm the one That's pure inside Everyday,every way I smell of suicide Bitter sins how they grow within So you tell me it ain't right I AM...ALL SINS And you're my reason for life I"
  • Takida Halo
    "My heart is pounding, the blood is streaming, my friends. And I can't be whole again, I can't be whole again I'm sorry The poison's inside now And the soul's not aching, I'm scared Cause I will not"
  • Kate Havnevik Halo
    "Who do you love, when love is gone? Who do you hunger in this great unknown? Memories of me will fade soon and you'll find someone new See everyone halo bright in beauty See everyone arrayed for you to"
  • Bethany Joy Lenz(Haley James Scott) Halo
    "I never promised you a ray of light I never promised thered be sunshine everyday I'll give you everything I have The good the bad... Why do you put me on a pedestal? Im so up high that I cant see"
  • Machine Head Halo
    "This is a call to arms, Will you stand beside me? This is our time to fight No more compromising And this blackened heart will sing For sad solidarity Halo over our demise Following a god so blind Sallow"
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers Halo
    "I'm the man, i'm the king I'm the one thats pure inside Everyday, Everyway I smell of suicide Bitter sins how they grow within So you tell me it ain't right I am all sins and you're my reason for life I"
  • Dogstar Halo
    "Here's the one you cannot fun from it's everywhere you go so go numb lift your head to see it's all gone now lie there wondering what have you done Hello- to my hollow one with a halo offer up a scene"
  • Pezet Noon Halo
    "Siedzę w domu przesłuchałem wszystkie płyty Wypaliłem wszystkie szlugi, rozjebałem wszystkie bity Dostanę pierdolca, jeśli dziś nie wyjdę gdzieś Ziomek mówi, że już rozdał wszystkie VIP'y Ej, mam ochotę"
  • System Syn Halo
    "a trip down to the street where my halo fell will tell you all you'd care to know about me a passage through a lifetime in relative terms I've already died now my hope can't stay afloat on it's own she's"
  • Gary Numan Halo
    "Who hasn't made A big mistake Betrayed a love Or turned to hate? You think it's you Who hasn't told A small white lie Or felt revenge Was justified? You think it's you Who hasn't had A secret"

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