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  • Impossible - Mans Zelmerlow
    "These are the days when I can't forgive myself Seeing those pictures of you with someone else. Wish you were here to turn darkness into light If you were here tonight. I find a million ways to say I love"
  • Impossible - Tyrant Tea Club
    "You know it's not the best thing to do, but I don't see another way cos you just make me blue, you know it's not the best thing to say, but I can't help it cos I feel that way It's impossible, I gotta"
  • Impossible - Buffalo Tom
    "One things for sure It's not the same anymore Close the door There's a wind coming in And if it's true I will believe in you, in you, in you And if it's true I will believe you, believe you That's what"
  • Impossible - LION BABE
    "You think I'm impossible You think that it's logical To think you know about me, what you know about me? I got things I could say that would probably change your views I've lost my head top, don't you"
  • Impossible - Sub-Urban Tribe
    "I used to be a man of principle always in a hurry but yet in time then I met this individual since nothing's been in rhyme Breast implants and bleached hair stilted smile, contact blue eyes she's more"
  • Impossible - Angel Haze
    "There is no part of me left in my brain I am outside it, man I can't complain I have seen so much you cannot contain Or even create or even explain [?] I'm wild as a buck in the rain Wild as a fox who"
  • Impossible - Omarion
    "Ooooo yeah yeah yeah yeah Ooooo yeah yeah yeah yeah Verse One I aint been able to run as fast as I wanna. Aint no way i can ever dunk like Mike. I wont be pushing empty plate's by tha summer Wont be"
  • Impossible - Something For Kate
    "Don't listen too hard to the beating of your wings Or you might fall You only do what you do 'cause a part of you believes That you're here at all But something reminds you And somethimes I can hear it"
  • Impossible - Unknown Girls
    "I looked in sky every night, and there you I still think what it will be when you He fell in love in me but I know that this impossible it is... in every dream, what night, you appear I still dream"
  • Impossible - LeMarvin
    "you want the world and everything in it you want the time each and every minute you dont give me a chance to miss you like i should why dont you understand i do it if i could but you seem to think"

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