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letet snow

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letet snow
  • Hank Snow Miami Snow
    "When there's icicles hangin' on the green pinetrees And the Florida oranges all turn blue When there's Miami snow then baby you will know That I stopped loving you When there's no cattle roamin' on a Texas"
  • Snow Snow And Black
    "INTRO What goes up must come down (who's that) But I don't wanna come back down (who's that) Look at me I'm on top of the world What I feel girl is real I'm the king from the deck dem deal Doesn't anybody"
  • Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs Snow White
    "She could've been a clerk Or settled as a ticket taker With aces in her hand She threw in with a music maker Well she's not the girl That she used to be 'Cause she's running from Sterile sanctity"
  • Remedy Snow Queen
    "(Rilen) A-hello baby, good to see you back with the boys again I like the way you say hello I love the way you won't let us go when it's getting late Take me to your daddy's car Let me taste your honey"
  • Snowpony Snow White
    "Snow White I think of you Beneath the strip lights turning blue Snow White your heart so pure Perhaps you'd better lock your door I think of you in the dreamless night Snow White, Snow White Can see her"
  • Phil Ochs First Snow
    "First snow on the autumn ground Covers grass where she once lay down Blanket of white, grass out of sight, Where did she go, tell me first snow. First snow cover my mistakes Cover the past with your flakes Perfect"
  • Super Furry Animals Summer Snow
    "There's a shadow across the sea A phantom power that's pestering me A spectre as bold as stone I say "no! Go!" It's summer snow Well you can fathom that something is wrong When they're making a dance"
  • Model Photographer Snow Fall
    "Remember when we just sat and watched the snow fall? Remember when we just sat and watched the snow fall? The winter days, Were only days and that was all. The winter days, Were only days and that was"
  • Mechanical Poet Snow White
    "This sunny morning looks so nice And all is so refreshing She hears the ticking of her clock No sign of past depression But yet she feels it's not some stupid dream at all And Snow White awakes And Snow"
  • Michael Ruff New Snow
    "Look, look out on the trees Well from here it looks like crystal Shining in the breeze Look, look out on the land Well it finally looks like winter so just reach out your hand Feel the new snow falling"

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