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  • Don't Touch The Flame - Lullacry
    "I wish you well hope you understand if I could only tell the choice you have to make a beggar or the throne but please don't touch the flame that burns inside it will keep you safe and alive this empty"
  • Every Single Day - Lullacry
    "I can see your lips moving But I can't hear a thing at all I can see your lips moving But I can't hear a thing at all I got lost in my own little world But makes no difference to me Every single day I"
  • Pitch Black Emotions - Lullacry
    "For better or worse It doesn't matter why Cuz I broke my wings before I learned to fly Like a sinner to a flame I was drawn to you And I felt like I was running out of time with you All of my life's"
  • Unchain - Lullacry
    "This sadness won't Let go its hold of me No matter how hard I try There's something strange Deep inside of my heart And nothing really matters to me I'm so alone, my heart is bleeding Unchain my soul"
  • Nothing To Lose - Lullacry
    "You asked me why I kept telling lies I broke the rules But I don't care 'cause I got nothing You are the sun I am the flame I feel no shame 'Cause I got nothing I got nothing to lose It's the"
  • Heart Of Darkness - Lullacry
    "Black clouds fill my mind I can't cope with this I wrote my name in dust No shelter in sight Still hoping it would last Only my pride died Please save me from the heart of darkness Please save me from"
  • This Time - Lullacry
    "You knew this day would come You are not the only one The world will be the same When you're gone The way you look at me Is full of disbelief You never want me to be Meant for you How does it feel No"
  • Over Me - Lullacry
    "My only desire will Bring all this to end The longer I lay here alone The louder it's calling me It will always be there Waiting for me Another day has gone by And the darkness falls It's all over me And"
  • Better Days - Lullacry
    "Come with me and you will see our world falls apart Wipe away your tears it doesn't mean a thing at all Stay for a while and you will find yourself in an endless dream Bitterness is born on the days like"
  • Perfect Tonight - Lullacry
    "It's like a little death When I see you go Like holding my breath I want to know You and I, lost in time tonight Like a rush of blood I'm dazed by you You and I, lost in time You and I, perfect tonight Can't"

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