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midnay oil

  • Oil And Water - Incubus
    "You and I are like oil and water And we've been trying, trying trying Ohhhh, to mix it up. We've been dancing on a volcano And we've been crying, crying, crying Over blackened souls. Babe, this wouldn't"
  • Crude Oil Blues - Jerry Reed
    "CRUDE OIL BLUES Writer Jerry Reed Well now, listen people let me tell you some news I'll sing a song called the crude oil blues We're low on heat .n all We're low on gas And I'm so cold I'm about to freeze"
  • Cod Liver Oil - Great Big Sea
    "I'm a young married man and I'm tired of life Ten years I've been wed to a pale sickly wife, She's nothing to do only sit there and cry Praying and praying to God she would die. A friend of my own came"
  • Oil and water - Majandra Delfino
    "He lit the fire in my heart And with the same flame burnt my world down stark I gave him the whole entire thing At first he gently held it then got bored and Started Carving Love, all one needs, what I"
  • Blood For Oil - Sonic Boom Six
    "Come on down! You are the next contestant Sorry to burst your bubble, it looks like Global trouble Beards WMD's and chemicals that cause disease, So step right up, we've got them all on Trading Blood for"
  • Honey And Oil - Plankeye
    "i'm listening it's me she's twisting honey and oil she's as bitter as the soil she spells the end of my life today are you listening if you're not for me then you're against me if you're going to tempt"
  • Snake Oil Tanker - Alkaline Trio
    "This time you've dug yourself an anchor Too heavy to move ahead with Resembling a faker, charming snake oil tankers Don't let them strike you down I know that you wish I was dead I know 'cause you told"
  • Oil And Water - Evermore
    "Waiting for the sun to come up and the wind to go down Waiting for the heavy train to turn around My head is spinning round in a cloud of uncertainty My mind is searching for something strong when"
  • Water And Oil - Ziggy Marley
    "Dem try fi hold hold wha dem can't conquer Rastaman no mix up with no vagavanga (repeat) They want to condemn the innocent For crimes which we did not committ They want to get good people mix up In their"
  • Oil And Water - Tribe Sub-Urban
    "Chains of the free unlimited greed and gluttony The price of cheap becomes expensive you know nothing's free Beauty of the beast infinite feast all the friends all the foes here anything goes I don't"

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