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  • My Story - Novi Ierusalim
    "Youve heart about it many times It goes around the world But what Im gonna tell you now s been hardly ever told He walked among us every day With love for you and me He was the Truth around the lies And"
  • God's Design - Novi Ierusalim
    "In God's design there are no fallacies All we need is there Everything was created Beautiful, beyond compare God's plan is perfect and right No one's sick, no one's hungry Weaknesses have there no might In"
  • The Door - Novi Ierusalim
    "Days are dull Nothing's new I'm so down Friends are few I'm in chains Of idleness What's inside Makes no sense I just can't live that way Something has to change I just can't live that way I will draw"
  • The City Of Gold - Novi Ierusalim
    "Take a look at the skies In the city of gold Darkness won't arise There are no tears of pain There's no everyday haste No more striving or strain Restless sun never sets Days won't come to an end Only"
  • Shalom, Shalom (Peace, Peace) - Novi Ierusalim
    "Shalu shalom Yerusalaim Shalu shalom Yerusalaim Shalu shalom Yerusalaim Shalu shalom Yerusalaim Shalom, shalom, shalom Shalom, shalom, shalom Shalu shalom Yerusalaim Pray for the peace of Jerusalem Pray"
  • Od Avinu Chai (Our Father Still Lives) - Novi Ierusalim
    "Od avinu chai. Od avinu chai! Od avinu, od avinu, od avinu chai! Am Israel, am Israel, am Israel chai! Am Israel, am Israel, am Israel chai! Our Father still lives. Our Father still lives! Our Father,"
  • Rainbow - Novi Ierusalim
    "We all were born Still color-blind to friendship Into this world We came without a shame Our eyes were closed To bias preconceptions Our hearts were open We saw with love And then it came The hate and"
  • Reflection - Novi Ierusalim
    "Perfect mirror reflected Our heavenly face Could be higher than angels But we have chosen disgrace Perfect Image of Heaven Come to save human race Could be higher than angels Again we've chosen disgrace I"
  • That Love - Novi Ierusalim
    "The eyes so blind And the heart so empty Where could we find that love And then it came in flesh of a man But we could not understand The way it came we could not imagine All covered over with pain But"
  • My Dream - Novi Ierusalim
    "A bird with a broken wing I fly back home Your arms around me Thats where I belong Desperate to know Your love I feel so lonely Im like a candle with no flame When this dream comes to an end Tell me,"

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