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now i am here

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now i am here
  • Lisa Bund Here I Am
    "Looking back where I'm from can't believe that I'm here Gave my all paid the price And I'd do it again I've walked alone in my head I've cried in my bed Here but the morning lights oh so bright wake"
  • Lack Of Limits Here i am
    "I know that must be the day I `m looking at your wooden front door but what if I will fail I guess anything cant`t hurt me more I guess this is the day like so many days before I know you`ll pack your"
  • Michael Nesmith Here I Am
    "Slowly into winter goes the ash of life Wholly independent windows framing time Downward drops the ridiculing eye so blind Love has conquered once again uneven rhyme Marie, my sweet Marie Here I am Holding"
  • Pink Cream 69 Here I Am
    "When the clock strikes at midnight I can hear the engine turning round Another day, another night So I must sign the book that would lie in the hands of my fate With the pride in my heart My soul and"
  • Blaze Ya Dead Homie Here I Am
    "(Jamie Madrox- chorus) Here I am (I'm right here dog) Well here I am (I'm right here nigga) (can you see me?) Here I am (I'm right here bitch) (can you see me?) (can you see me?) Well here I am (and I'm"
  • Shindig Here I Am
    "i never thought i'd see the day when you would up and walk away from me. but now it hits me just like a slap to the face. i draw a blank, with nothing i can say to make you stay. i'm trying hard to understand. if"
  • Much The Same Here I Am
    "Life is more uncertain now And I'm searching for tomorrow but I know My life is in your hands Had my future laid out The next few years all played out in my head But I am just a man Here I stand with no"
  • Blake Shelton Here I Am
    "You were just some one Some friend of mine said take her out An' have yourselves a good time To be honest I was far from over a broken heart You were the furthest thing from my mind And it didnt seem"
  • Shaaman Here I Am
    "Called back in time by the ancient winds Can't you recall all the memories? Walking the lost way of those who lived In loneliness Think of the joy and the endless days One step aside and the skies were"
  • Altaria Here I Am
    "Working hard all day To control the final dream Side by side we walk Towards a blinding arctic storm I head your voice on the line Struggling to find the words So let me tell you something I knew right"

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