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  • Natural Law - Horse
    "(McAlinden) Under the mantle of the stars, By the slow waves of the sea, On a bank of sand we fell Like fruit from a laden tree. And in the morning, with the clean slate of day, You're the warm thought"
  • Johnny Law - Crash Rickshaw
    "What if I'm dead Would you be-friend me? Or would you beat me down with the laws you're not keeping? What if you pray? Instead of protest Would a sinful heart be changed or would it fill with rejection? Where"
  • Martial Law - Lou Reed
    "I've declared a truce, so stop your fighting The marshall is in town I won't put up with no big mouth yapping At least not while I'm around This is my friend Ace, he's from the 8th precinct Nothing goes"
  • Law Library - Papoose
    "Yeah This dedicated to all homies locked down Don't give up hope. Keep your mind focused Trigger Happy Pappy, Strong Come On (Chorus) Take these bars and put 'em in your conversary The laws is deadly,"
  • Immigration Law - Buju Banton
    "Crisis This is a worldwide escapade Have every massive fraid Buju Banton did tell yuh already Every nation bow to the immigration law Immigrant shuffle what a suppen No more ease up due to a certain"
  • Sexx Laws - Beck
    "Can't you hear those cavalry drums Hijacking your equilibrium Midnight hags in the mausoleum Where the pixilated doctors moan Carnivores in the Cowloon night Breathing freon by the candlelight Coquettes"
  • Law & Order - Fang
    "Law and order in the U.S.A. That's how they'll make us pay Communism and tooth decay U.S. will save the world today Here I am in a mechanical world Mechanical boys, mechanical girls They said I'm not like"
  • Spiritual Law - Slayer
    "(Casey Royer/Fred Traccone/Rikk Agnew/Alfonso Agnew/John Calabro/John Wilson Knight) It's time to be born again Don't talk about sex that's a sin Confess yor evils to the man He'll do everything he"
  • Nature's law - Embrace
    "I tried to fight the feeling, the feeling took me down,I struggle and I lost the day you knocked me out,Now everything's got meaning and meanings bring me down,I'm watching as the screening of my life"
  • Threefold Law - Nemesea
    "'Audias attente Antequam agis meditare Etenim est lex vetusta Foedus sagis olim factum Memento semper legis trium Ter quod das ad te reveniet Tantum acquires quantum merenis!' Listen very carefully! Think"

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