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  • My Mind Is A Pussy - Black Bomb A
    "Born in a world of violoence and anger All this fucking shit's raping my desire I just wanna fuck everybody who's moving up Sexual perversion, I want to be da number one Born in a world of violence and"
  • Void (External Theory) - Eyedea
    "Days turn into years. "A" students turn into dropouts Seeing the world from a creative angle turns into seeing it from a couch Orgasms become lifetimes. Bong hits turn into white lines A face becomes a"
  • Honey I Miss You - Kool Keith
    "Kool, Keith Baby did you cook anything tonight? What's in the frying pan? Oh~! You made that salsa huh? Oh that tastes good, put me some in there Oh yeah, hold up, aight Honey I miss you! Woman explain"
  • Good Vibrations - Ebony Eyez
    "(feat. Trey Songz) Ladies follow me now...(moaning) batteries low? (shiiit) See I don't fuss and fight, if he ain't acting right, I just tell him (say hello to my little friend) See"
  • Go Hard Or Go Home - E-40
    "(feat. The Federation) Introducing...E-40...the almighty...707...Rick Rock...Federation...(Whoooooo) Go Hey hey. Go hard Ooh...Verbal vomit...I keep one on it Not the scrill but you can call"
  • My Splash - Ludacris
    "Oh oh oh (Say it!) *make love to me* Oh oh oh (What!) *Fuck Me* x2 Chorus: Im bout' to throw some game They both one and the same Cupids the one to blame (Say it!) *make love to me* Im bout to shed some"
  • Hold my finger! - SikTh
    "Hold my finger! I do want to with you Just understand it's not right now Dont wanna fuck right now I'm chillin' with ya Can we not just lie here and make love spiritually? All Alone, with you Your eyes"
  • Queen Of Winter,Throned - Cradle of Filth
    "Iniquitous I share Carmilla's mask A gaunt mephitic voyeur On the black side of the glass Peering through the mirror Deep dark and ominous Consorting themes, demons I weave Subservience from thee to lust I"
  • Go hard or go home - E 40
    "Introducing...E-40...the almighty...707...Rick Rock...Federation...(Whoooooo) Ooh...Verbal vomit...I keep one on it Not the scroll but you can call me ebonics Sideshows going nutty dumbing out Take the"
  • Hott Tonight - Canibus
    "Oh Germaine, can you please tell me one of your Hollywood Stories? Oooh..ahhh..exciete merjemon When it's hot it's hot, when it's hot it's hot (I'm so hot tonight) When it's hot it's hot, when it's"

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