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rumput hijau tersiksa binasa mundur lagi bau terasi

  • El Lago - Mago De Oz
    "De nuevo solos t y yo. Un lago y una canción, echo de menos or tu voz, una estrella te eclipsó Los momentos que no volver a sentir tu piel en mis brazos yo te tuve ayer, hay tantas cosas que te quiero"
  • Jet Lag - Joss Stone
    "Little angels Whisper softly While my heart melts For you and I'll see Only sunshine Only moonlight For the first time its real And the higher you take me The more that you make me Feel so hazy Tell me"
  • Lago rosso - Adriano Celentano
    "Donna donna donna sei dura come un sasso affondo in mezzo a un lago rosso resisterti non so non posso ho il cuore malato davvero in bocca mi resta l'amaro vero dolore Bella bella bella in ogni gesto ad"
  • Jet Lag - Stephen Bishop
    "I parked my Buick discovered my ticket was lost And I had to fly "Standby" at twice the cost and then the buzzer went off at the Security check and the hands on my body left me with no self-respect And"
  • Jet Lag - Nazareth
    "I'm goin' back to New York City Times Square sure will be shinin' bright I know it sure looks pretty But I don't go down every night. I'm gonna take in Memphis You know the one down in Tennessee And if"
  • Lago Maggiore - Karel Gott
    "Du du bist bei mir ich seh dein Lcheln und du sagst du wirst dich unsterblich verlieben - heute Nacht. Und die Wohnung wird nicht mehr dieselbe sein denn der Sonnenschein zieht hier ein. Ich freu' mich"
  • Jet Lag - Shampoo
    "I Can't Go Out Can't be Bothered Staying in Got a Kool Bed But it Was Made for Lying in I Can't get Dressed All My Clothes are in My Case Have a Rest Love to but I'm Off my Face I can't Work Out if it's"
  • Lage Nom Ai - Jimmy Buffett
    "Nordstrom was a simple man Who had some non-conformist plan To save his ass Every night he danced alone And blotted out the monotone That was his past He packs his bag of mysteries And leaves the lonely"
  • En El Lago - Triana
    "Ayer tarde al lago fui Con la intención de conocer Algo nuevo Nos reunimos all Y todo comenzó a surgir Como un sueo Creo recordar que por la noche El pjaro blanco echó a volar En nuestros corazones En"
  • De Lage Lucht - Stef Bos
    "De lage lucht Is grijs en zwaar Ze staat alleen In weer en wind Zij ziet de zee En wil alleen Weer zijn Zoals Een kind Er was een prins Op zoek naar haar Ze zag hem Voor het slapen gaan Het"

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