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running ware"'

  • Running - Get Over It
    "I look about, cant see you. I turn around , your there. I think about all the shit u caused me, omg, what the hell? Why do you even bother? Your not ganna win, So tell me what the F*C* your asking, How"
  • Running - IAMX
    "You sing for me my friend, Brave and confident, And there is comfort between your breaths, And I use sense to help. But when the days beneath me, Scream into my present, I must always run the race on my"
  • Running - 2Pac
    "You know, I wonder if they'll laugh when I am dead Why am I fighting to live, if I'm just living to fight Why am I trying to see, when there aint nothing in sight Why I am I trying to give, when no one"
  • Running Blood - Running Wild
    "The holy sword of fire is burning through the lands Wizards and witches - their torture never ends Religious madness creates this hell on earth The "Holy" inquisition is spreading its curse Murder, lies"
  • Running Blind - Godsmack
    "Can't find the answers I've been crawling on my knees Looking for anything To keep me from drowning Promises have been turned to lies Can't even be honest inside Now I'm running backwards watching my life"
  • Running Free - Year Long Disaster
    "ust sixteen, a pickup truck Out of money, out of luck I've got nowhere to call my own Hit the gas, and here I go I'm running free yeah I'm running free I'm running free yeah I'm running free Spent the"
  • Running away - Bullet
    "I pack a bag with a smile on my face I pack a bag for good Stuck in the rough, got my mind made off I’ll leave the key in the door My believers in the air from afar Distant calling Now I’m down at the"
  • Running Man - The Damned
    "When the storm is raging you're beginning to lose your mind Your head's exploding and you never can look behind And it's your very last wish to never lose control Dogs on your heels and they just won't"
  • Running Over - Joe Pace
    "Pressed down shaken together; running over, running over (4) When you give unto the Lord He will give you more So cheerfully now bring your offering And youll have blessings running over, running over Blessings"
  • Running Away - Bob Marley
    "Ya running and ya running And ya running away. Ya running and ya running And ya running away. Ya running and ya running And ya running away. Ya running and ya running, But ya can't run away from yourself Can't"

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