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sad xxxentacion

  • Sad, Sad Music - Dwight Yoakam
    "There should be music Sad, sad music But this silence that you left Is all that I have I must have missed a couple days Or just forgotten What went wrong or where it all Fell apart And I know you must"
  • Sad Sad Christmas - D:a:d
    "Well, son tomorrow it's christmas Yeah, daddy it's such a thrill I'll suppose we'll be watching TV Yeah, and have a burger meal 'Cause mommy she left us She took the keys to the automobile She took"
  • Sad, Sad Song - Nerf Herder
    "Rock bands play hard from 9 to 5 But they still got a sensitive side When they want our sympathy They put down their flying v's Ballads show how much they care Even Rob Halford's just a big teddy bear. These"
  • Sad Sad Story - Neil Sedaka
    "Look at the lady she's the one with the broken heart Even so she musn't know that I've loved her from the start She needs a friend now more than a new romance I'd love to take her in my arms but I can't"
  • Sad Sad Story - Mark Medlock
    "Love has many colors, And the passion rules the game You and me together Will never be the same All I ever wanted Is to fly on wings of love Just you and me together Enough is not enough All the night"
  • Sad Sad Situation - Bowling For Soup
    "Alright, this is sad, sad, situation. 12..3 Hitched a ride I was so messed up But I sure was glad to meet ya You took my heart like they towed my car And they're both still broken down Oh well it looked"
  • Sad Sad Rain - Platinum Blonde
    "Falling in and out of time Falling in and out of line You would always laugh at me As I came up for air Just a little boy Leaning on the corner of the window pane Watching the falling rain Would it ever"
  • Sad Sad Song - Tilly And The Wall
    "push your heart back under your sleeve don't know what you want me to believe you give me pink prayers but black and white words is it love or pain you want me to learn? hold your hand after the dark kiss"
  • Sad Sad Planet - Evil Superstars
  • Sad Serenade - Selena Gomez
    "Happier times, Flash through my mind. We both say it’s over and I believe it this time. All the pain that I hide, Let it play through the night. A sad, sad serenade. Sad serenade, we almost got it right. A"

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