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  • Cherish The Day - Sade
    "You're ruling the way that I move And I breathe your air You only can rescue me This is my prayer If you were mine If you were mine I wouldn't want to go to heaven I cherish the day I won't go astray I"
  • Hang On To Your Love - Sade
    "In heaven's name why are you walking away Hang on to your love In heaven's name why do you play these games Hang on to your love Take time if you're down on luck It's so easy to walk out on love Take"
  • Is It A Crime - Sade
    "It may come, it may come as some surprise but I miss you I could see through, all of your lies But I stll miss you He takes her love, but it doesn't feel like mine He tastes her kiss, her kisses are not"
  • Jezebel - Sade
    "Jezebel wasn't born with a silver spoon in her mouth She probably had less than every one of us But when she knew how to walk she knew How to bring the house down Can't blame her for her beauty She wins"
  • Kiss Of Life - Sade
    "There must have been an angel by my side Something heavenly led me to you Look at the sky It's the color of love There must have been an angel by my side Something heavenly came down from above He led"
  • Like A Tattoo - Sade
    "He told me sweet lies of sweet love Heavy with the burden of the truth And he spoke of his dreams Broken by the burden Broken by the burden of his youth Fourteen years he said I couldn't look into the"
  • Love Is Stronger Than Pride - Sade
    "I won't pretend that I intend to stop living I won't pretend I'm good at forgiving But I can't hate you Although I have tried Mmmmm I still really really love you Love is stronger than pride I still really"
  • Never As Good As The First Time - Sade
    "Good times they come and they go Never going to know What fate is going to blow You're way just hope it feels right Sometimes it comes and it goes You take it ever so slow And then you lose it, then it"
  • No Ordinary Love - Sade
    "I gave you all the love I got I gave you more than I could give I gave you love I gave you all that I have inside And you took my love You took my love Didn't I tell you What I believe Did somebody say"
  • Nothing Can Come Between Us - Sade
    "I always hope that you remember We'll never really learn the meaning of it all What we have is strong and tender So hold on In the middle of the madness When the time is running out and you're left alone All"

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