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sars siply red

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sars siply red
  • Seven Witches Red
    "Angel draped in crimson head to toe Demon but you simply do not know How long will your sad charade go on? Realize you are the key to end it all Hell boy, your destiny is just two locks away Do it"
  • Unida Red
    "Red like the river Blue like the eyes of the woman who loves you Red like the river Blue like the eyes of the woman who hates you Too many listen for love Too many listen for hate Too many listen for"
  • Sara Bareilles Red
    "I've been down I've been out. I did it all on my own. Seems growing up didn't take long. Feel Strange I feel good. I feel better with you. You've changed, you should. Cause I think I did too. Made"
  • Combichrist Red
    "Nothing ever happens in this dirty hick town, The bar is always and all the hookers are long gone, The church is entertaiment and prozac is the drug, I'm going out of my mind, start changing it around I"
  • A Canorous Quintet Red
    "Trust! The blind man leads the way A burnt out candle in the hand Chasing for eternity nevermore Pleased witn being lost forever The touch on your face, it's lost Too weak, too afraid to find salvation Liquid"
  • Tara MacLean Red
    "Her face is down And her fingers hang loose Like horsetail cigarettes Looks like half a man is all she gets tonight My little Hercules Never hurt anyone And he's the only way of getting home So when you're"
  • Fisher Red
    "You say, it's ok, That I have to sleep alone anyway. Tell me why do you pretend, The passion in your eyes is not appropriate for friends. You say, your heart is dead. I see right through you. Your heart"
  • Natalie Walker Red
    "Red has taken us over Reach in and steal whatever we can So this is the feeling of power Who can we break to stay at the top? Hearts of stone will always be shattered Turns around Eyes of greed will always"
  • Angelspit Red
    "CHEATED you don't get what you think you disserve COMA devour everything to deaden the nerve gotta cut a profit even if I cut a throat... PERISH all that you build, will be destroyed STOLEN All your value"
  • Okkervil River Red
    "Red is my favorite color, red like your mothers eyes after awhile of crying about how you dont love her. She says I know I dont deserve supervised sight of her, but each day becomes a blur without my daughter."

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