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sing ooooo

  • Sing - Sanctus Real
    "Can we get back to where we started When creation lived peacefully in Your hands Before the wars began And all these years we have been divided Jesus' voice has been gently calling us home And we can't"
  • Sing - MercyMe
    "My heart's beating out of my chest I've lost the words to say Trying to stay calm at best Cause you've looked my way Give me peace Lord Jesus I need to sleep tonight Like a newborn waiting To hear"
  • Sing - Mickey Thomas
    "There's a wind comin' off the river Blowin' out the lights The city's being swallowed by the night As I walk the streets and shiver I've got a choice I could be swallowed too And lose my way as millions"
  • Sing - Jars Of Clay
    "I love the way, I love the way you carry on You make me wanna say, you make me wanna sing another love song Sing another love song, sing another love song Sing another love song to you Bury my head"
  • Sing - Vega 4
    "I don't wonder why the world is like a sea that i've been swimming in and how long can i hold without breathing in i just need to fly like im a shooting star see the world and the way we are and how"
  • Sing - Dresden Dolls
    "There is this thing that's like fucking except you don't fuckBack in the day it just went without saying at allAll the world's history gradually dying of shockThere is this thing that's like talking except"
  • Sing - Abra Moore
    "I wanna sing Sing to your eyes where they once held windows When you're lookin' at me I wanna hear Hear all the sounds and the cracks in your voice When you speak to me. Look at my eyes and my nose"
  • Sing - Original Cast
    "conceived, choreographed and directed by MICHAEL BENNET book by JAMES KIRKWOOD and NICHOLAS DANTE music by MARVIN HAMLISCH lyrics by EDWARD KLEBAN FOLLOWS "At the Ballet" (AL finishes KRISTINE's"
  • Sing - The Classic Crime
    "We sing the same song you and I With lead feet in deep water we cry out to live or die Instead we tread in waves to stay alive Our heads above the grave but there's no one to save us this time So I will"
  • Sing - Slowdive
    "(sing where the other boys can't watch you dance) hear you call my name, see you in my mind watch you fall away, i know whats in your mind, calling from behind see you fall away, i know he's here to stay who"

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