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smutny freestyle

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smutny freestyle
  • Buddha Monk Freestyle
    "(feat. Popa Chief) (WBKZU FM) (DJ) Here we are live on WBKZU. 199.9 on your FM dial. I'm in here chilling with Buddha Monk and my man, Poppa Chief. (BM) What's going on, baby? (DJ) Peace. (BM) Peace."
  • Limbomaniacs Freestyle
    "Feet high up in the air get your feet high up in the air Feet high up in the air get your feet high up in the air Freestyle My mind is reelin' I got a funny feelin' Sayin' this ain't the place to be I'm"
  • Black Buddafly Freestyle
    "Freestyle (Outro) Ladies and gentlemen I'd like to introduce to y'all A couple of a few hot of coming out this year First I go by the name of Heavy Boy , shout at me, I got Black Buddafly All SNG, holla"
  • P.O.D. Freestyle
    "Kids coming up from the alleys not like the valleys Southtown San Diego rats out here in Cali So Cal with the crew to show' em how You like me now, with the sound straight underground Putt'n it down, lift"
  • Kano Freestyle
    "(feat. Layza) (Intro)(Layza) One step two step killing sum breh (breh), Im known to kill mans then move somewhere, man looks at me and hes in for a scare (scare), Bust out the chorus and pass me"
  • Z-RO Freestyle
    "(*talking*) Ha ha, 2000 and 1 Z-Ro the motherfucking Mo City Don Getting off my chest, know I'm saying Cut these all the way off people, feel me Yeah, this how it go, fa sho Ten, nine, eight, seven,"
  • Black Star Freestyle
    "Uh, this is Side 2, Evil Dee in your area Rawkus, every four minutes of dump flavored Now and Laters and ass-crack Oreos (ready, ready) Throw your hands in the air, and wave em like you just"
  • Black Rob Freestyle
    "Black Rob get the money, With or without yall, I doubt yall, Know I'm punch'n niggaz in there mouth ya'll. 5 minities niggaz wanna require, understand this BUCK! BUCK! gunfire. Be yourself do wanna be"
  • Xzibit Freestyle
    "You are now tuned in to the golden state To all my niguhs on the streets and behind closed gates Continue to maintain daily and carry the weight And all my folks on the outside continue to rise Finally"
  • Kanye West Freestyle
    "(Ad libs) Yo Hip-Hop Is niggaz still talkin bout I can't rap Come On Now Look for me Young K Took Tupac beat and got paid My favorite rapper is Makaveli, Nas and Jay-Z Eminem, Mase, Biggie Smalls and"

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