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somthing 8i need

  • Don't Need - Ektomorf
    "I Don't need the word Don't need the writing Don't need the advice 'Cos there's no friend behind it I Don't need your money Don't need you either You are dead to me Get out you worm I Don't need Don't"
  • Need Ya - Bob Seger
    "I used to be a very carefree man, A loving man of the world. Yeah, I would still be except for the time When I met ya, little girl. Say, I've tried and I've tried but I just can't. You sure got a hold"
  • My Need - Janet
    "'''Chorus:''' My love, my need Tonight, I feel so tight My love, my need Tonight, just how I like '''Verse 1:''' I know, you know What exactly's on my mind I can't help mMyself Part of how I feel tonight Won't"
  • I Need - Meredith Brooks
    "I need some good luck I need a best friend I need a rough dog I need a mountain I need some new clothes a TV, a cause a trip to nirvana, the thrill of applause I need a wet kiss I need to confess I need"
  • Need Me - Jim Reeves
    "You can go where you wanna go Even sail the ocean blue Just need me That's all I need to know. You can do what you wanna do And I'll bless each little thing you do Just need me That's all I ask of you. It"
  • My Need - Janet Jackson
    "My love My need Tonight I feel so tight My love My need Tonight Just how I like I know You know What exactly's on my mind I can't help Myself Part of how I feel tonight Won't make Excuses I just want"
  • We Need - Icon Of Coil
    "We're flying Above the water Behold this broken wings We need We're swimming Beneath the surface Behold these fragile lungs We need We're walking Right through the weather Beware this damaged skin We"
  • Whatcha Need - Boyz II Men
    "Girl I see you crying Tears rolling down your face You're sick of him lying Need someone to take his place I can give you whatcha ask for I can give you whatcha need I'm down with anything you're down"
  • Need You - Kitty Wells
    "I need you oh how I need you the nights are lonely since we're apart I miss you oh how I miss you come back my darling and mend my heart I'm sorry dear I made you cry please forgive and forget the days"
  • Need You - Bonnie Pink
    "Akirametaku naru hodo Dou suru beki ka wakaranai hi wa Anata no koto wo jitto omoi nagara Kotae wo matsu no desu Aozora ni shiroi kumo Arikitari no jinsei soredemo Anata no kotto wo jitto omoi nagara Mae"

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