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stereophonics grap

  • My Friends - Stereophonics
    "Stop tap drink back eye on you You're out to find that something new Am i the fly you want trapped in your web I've seen that look a thousand times Your innocence can make you blind I can show you round"
  • I Could Lose Ya - Stereophonics
    "Oocha Click click then you hang the phone up After talking late into the daylight Telling stories how we'd like to do it The mind can be a playground if you use it She could go down on me in a theatre I'd"
  • Bright Red Star - Stereophonics
    "Mary is my bright red star She caught the train to work in the morning when she got up And then she'd call me up, just to wake me up But she's alright She's alright Mary is my bright red star She likes"
  • Crush - Stereophonics
    "We swapped our lines late last night then We started talking truths til noon Yeah noon We fantasize of kidnap tie me up and tease me in your boots Yeah you I like to feel the crush it makes me feel alive To"
  • A Thousand Trees - Stereophonics
    "Standing at the bus stop with my shopping in my hands when I'm overhearing elderly ladies as the rumours start to fly Hear them in the school yard in the scrap yard in the chip shop in the phone box in"
  • Looks Like Chaplin - Stereophonics
    "I feel the wash, close down the street Yet Chaplin walks feet nine fifteen And I hear them, hear them call his name And I see him, see him turn away They take him in, and clean him up Well, they take"
  • Local Boy In The Photograph - Stereophonics
    "There's no mistake I smell that smell It's that time of year again I can taste the air The clocks go back Railway track Something blocks the line again And the train runs late for the first time A pebble"
  • Drowning - Stereophonics
    "I don't know why I don't know what is wrong Oh no Is karma gonna get me? At times that's all I see It's not real Wanna feel Wanna feel, like I did before Mornings I can't breathe Wave crashes over me And"
  • Traffic - Stereophonics
    "We all face the same way Still it takes all day I take a look to my left, pick out the worst and the best She paints her lip, greasy and thick Another mirror stare, and she's going where? Another office"
  • Not Up To You - Stereophonics
    "Salt grips the road awaits his lift again Street orange glow shades the odds against One more sip, A shoe, A miss, A shaving nick. One extra kiss, Whose to know whatever! Not up to me, Not up to you Not"

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