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take step back xxxtentation

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take step back xxxtentation
  • Superheist Step Back
    "Strap up strap down I really hope my generation doesn't fall down I've seen my way in therapy I hope I fade before I age It's so contagious don't you say Cos when I come to face tomorrow I hope I needed"
  • Rappin Aly C Step Out
    "Step Out Come step out Just step out Step Out You hide under your quilt, bunched up and cowered While all that you had before is now devoured You're being attacked by a velociraptor You're being over"
  • Daryl Hall Next Step
    "(Hall, Stewart, Wolk, Baker) I wanna go up where something matters I wanna blow up where matter scatters I wanna live into the future I want to give... more girl Next Step No side stepping this time Cross"
  • DJ Unk 2 Step
    "4... 3... 2... 2... A 2 Step A 2 Step Now Gone An 2 Step Now Get Jiggy Wit It Now Gone An 2 Step Aye Watch Me 2 Step Now Can You 2 Step Like I 2 Step Watch Me Get Jiggy Wit It Gone 2 Step I Hit"
  • The Hollies Step Inside
    "Side, step inside You can knock on my door anytime you're passing by You don't need an invitation, step inside We'll have tea and crumpets toasted by the fireside You don't need an invitation, step inside Step"
  • Atmosphere Step By Step (Slug)
    "(Slug) Something sinister sits in the corner Ignore it if ya want, but remeber that we warned ya There in the basement, behind the furnace Feeding off all of your fears so I can flurish Puts the shook"
  • Grandmaster Flash Step Off
    "Chaka Khan, Chaka Khan, Chaka Chaka Khan Chaka Khan let me rock you, let me rock you Chaka Khan I said let me rock you that's all i wanna do Chaka Khan let me rock you, let me rock you Chaka Khan I said"
  • Pacewon Step Up
    "What we be tellin these cats? Yo, yo. "Step up, nigga" --Step Up-- *echoes* All them niggaz out there Tellin on all them niggaz violatin STEP UP Yo, yo; from the Himalays to the pyramids of Egypt Pace"
  • Destiny's Child Two Step
    "Destinys Child - Two Step Uh Uh Ohh Uh Uh Ohh Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh Ohh Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh Ohh I'm feeling way too cool tonight (Tonight) Got my hat cocked to the right I ain't tryin' to break a sweat Just"
  • Coal Chamber One step
    "Never again! All my life it's been much the same game Altogether now who pass the blame game I'm not the one so don't put your shame on You're not the one that I put the blame on There is nothing I would"

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