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  • Funker Vogt Stolen Thoughts
    "Every morning I wake up With a new identity With some new memories Of my former life All the thoughts I ever had All the memories I can recite Are just an illusion Implanted in my brain And even the"
  • Christopher Blue These Thoughts
    "The sun, the sun It's a symbol for the one That gives you everything you need The sun, a gun It's a symbol for the one That gives you everything you need These thoughts only come around once in a while When"
  • Ace Of Base Behind thoughts
    "And so you hide behind your thoughts The way to word is long You think that run is wrong Patiently waiting for the birth The ground is so unsteady Are you sure that you're ready? So let all the lights"
  • Excel My Thoughts
    "Tired of all the excuses for not excepting EXCEL You're just waiting for some friend to lift off your shell The bitterness inside me gets stronger and bigger each year Now you sit down and tell me who"
  • The Cranberries Ridiculous Thoughts
    "Twister oh, does anyone see through you You're a twister oh, an animal But you're so happy, how? I didn't go along with You're so happy how? Nananana But you're gonna have to hold on You're gonna have"
  • Abdul Paula Sexy Thoughts
    "Abdul Paula Head Over Hills Sexy Thoughts Day or night it's the way of life Whatever keeps me pumpin' Whatever makes me feel alright Well I've been tryin' to find myself I was in a trance but now I"
  • Prong Irrelevant Thoughts
    "Look, Listen, Learn All I've been taught All that confused me Irrelevant thoughts All just to use me For society's will Denied my own person But there's still a will For my very own lesson Now I know"
  • Twilightning Lubricious Thoughts
    "Let your mind drift beyond this show Flowing thoughts below A grinning face pointing out the place You want to go "Hold on! No lubricious thoughts" He said with a nice and gentle smile "Come on! Would"
  • Headstones Possessed Thoughts
    "Possessed thoughts V1: tryin to sleep hear in my bed but i got thoughts of demonds all through my head i can't take ot any more i'm just gonna crack right now if my life wasn't so bad i woldn't"
  • John Frusciante Three Thoughts
    "Every action going down to murder every day Im gonna kill my past time gives endless spark to futures anyway Im gonna fill my last The place in the sky she let in light it drifted awhile and it faded"

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