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tonight oh tonight

  • Tonight - Raspberries
    "One, two, three, four When you smiled at me And I saw your eyes All I ever wanted to be Was in your arms tonight You looked too young to know about romance Oh, yes you did But when you smiled, I had to"
  • Tonight - Ken Laszlo
    "To-To-To-Tonight To-To-To-To-To-Tonight Tonight, Tonight We try to know and take it just like tonight Let your feeling riding over the flies To make your joy, well, enjoy yourself Don't give up the pleasure"
  • Tonight - Xmal Deutschland
    "Oh don't, don't cry a tear when you're alone with all your fears Oh I, I'll be with you if you are sad and feeling blue 'cause I give you hope and I show you love I give you all I can't get"
  • Tonight - Adrienne Camp
    "In this time I know I need to be more broken Then I find I feel this passion grow To face all that's been lost It's not too late to give control now I don't know why I wait You're always calling me Tonight I"
  • Tonight - Westlife
    "Lately I'm so tired If I took it all out on you I never meant to If I left you outside If you ever felt I ignored you Know my life is all you So put your best dress on And wrap yourself in the arms of"
  • Tonight - Jonas Brothers
    "Well here we are again Throwing punch-lines, no one wins As the morning sun begins to rise We're fading fast We won't work this out No we're not gonna work this out tonight No we're not gonna make"
  • Tonight - Kool And The Gang
    "Tonight, ooooh This is the night you'll see the light Tonight, ooooh This is the night you'll see the light My 16th birthday I was so shy Not yet a man but ready to try Music playing people saying"
  • Tonight - Sara Evans
    "If I had a weakness you sure found it tonight Some hidden desperation you saw floatin' in my eye moments just like these baby wrong can feel so right and I, I dont wanna go home tonight I've held it all"
  • Tonight - Air Supply
    "Now you tell me that the time is right You've let your feeling go And you know I won't use them up too fast I can't promise you the best there is Bot, oh, I'm gonna try I'm never gonna let you go tonight CHORUS Tonight,"
  • Tonight - Chris De Burgh
    "Tonight, I'll give you every bit of my heart, Give you everything that I've got, I don't want to lose you, Tonight, you tell me that you want me to do, Everything you want to get through, I won't let"

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