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undegraund fly

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undegraund fly
  • Ookla The Mok Fly
    "If I could fly I'd fly so high that you couldn't see me And if I could fly I'd fly so high that you'd want to be me And if I could fly I'd fly today And if I could fly I'd fly away Sunny day outside It's"
  • Crematory Fly
    "FLY Willst du in die Zukunft sehen - Mut du mit dem Teufel reden Wirst du dann um Gnade flehen - Oder nur die Zeit verdrehen Hast die Menschheit in der Hand - Darum zeige mir das neue Land Willst du"
  • Danny Fly
    "(feat. Peace) So I've been through these hard times, mentally scarred Almost lost my sanity but got no sympathy cards And there's been, a couple times when my knees buckled I'd be in a heap of trouble"
  • Povertyneck Hillbillies Fly
    "Its been a hard year Since you went away No matter what I did or said I couldn't make you stay But I'm gonna be strong I'm gonna hold on I'm gonna get on with my life Starting tonight, I'm gonna kiss the"
  • Jason Upton Fly
    "Going up to new atmospheres Going up to new places Going up to new atmospheres Gotta have new ears...new ears Heavenly places(Repeat 2) Heavenly, Heavenly places(Repeat 3) Heavenly, Heavenly places"
  • DJ Aligator Fly
    "Keep you spirit high, and let it flow, Ill take you where you want to go, open up and let me free your soul, just let your body loose control Keep your spirit high, and let it flow, Ill take you where"
  • Machiavel Fly
    "Fly, I wanna fly It's been a long long time I'm waiting for you at night Fly, I wanna fly It's been a long long time I'm burning for you at night High, I wanna get high You know babe We're gonna make it"
  • Sugar Ray Fly
    "(feat. Super Cat) All around the world statues crumble for me who knows how long I've loved you everywhere I go people stop and they see twenty-five years old my mother God rest her soul I just wanna"
  • TQ Fly
    "YeahThis is the new millenniumThat's right (that's right)And the game ain't changed a bitIt ain't changed a bitUh uhListenGot a little something to tell yaOh rightIf I could flyProbably woulda been a lil"
  • Lamar Fly
    "Fly Fly (Come and fly with me) Fly Chorus: Fly, tryin reach a star, flying high and oh so far Fly, come and fly with me Oooh, fly with the fantasy to the land of extacy Fly away with me Rap 1: Hard times"

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