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vasco rossi rewind

  • Rewind - Beverley Knight
    "(Find A Way)Restart, retrigger, press rewind and you just come againReset, reprogramme, wheel it back and you just come againRestart, retrigger, press rewind and you just come againReset, reprogramme,"
  • Rewind - Jibe
    "A memory, a photograph A place in time A moment passed away I just miss your face The picture says That you've gone away How I hope that you had stayed at home And not gone in that day And if you're all"
  • Rewind - Profane Omen
    "Open your ears now! Worn out from all your bullshit And I won't kill my pride and let you rule inside me (no!) Know this, you're good for nothing And your opinions make zero effect Rewind! You're all out"
  • Rewind - Death Precious
    "My love i know i was wrong thought i was going to move on but there's just one thing that i must do. Need to prove to you again you'll still the one to the end erase this heartbreak i've been going"
  • Rewind - Pillar
    "It seems just like yesterday was the first time that I heard You call my name Since then, so much has changed I'm still the same man that I was before Knowing that I can be without anything scares me away"
  • Rewind - Sick Of It All
    "I saw red for a second, so frustrated I'm not immune to pressure Thought I could control it, but I buckled Lashing out for no good reason at all Wish I could take it back, wish I could just rewind Wish"
  • Rewind - Chiasm
    "A time of changing has begun The leaves are fallen and undone Inside my spirit starts to run And all my fears are overcome I feel the time has come and that it's for real I see the future turn inside"
  • Rewind - Swirl 360
    "Stop Right there where you stand Can we start again And write this book just one more time It's sad To think it's come to this But this is where it is And now our road is undefined Is it me Is it you Tell"
  • Rewind - Obituary
    "Resign my brain. Knows bored, minds cored. Your fate has come rewound. I thought the day I'd die you'd rule. Rewind my sense. Range choice of live expense. Days come, nights fall. Fix all mistakes, rule"
  • Rewind - Precious
    "My love I know I was wrong Thought I'll let go to move on Then theres just one thing that I must do Need to prove to you again You're still the one till the end Erase this heartbreak I've been going through Let"

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