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wiła wianki bayer full

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wiła wianki bayer full
  • No Mercy Full moon
    "See the full moonWe look at its faceIt'll be me looking at youGlad to be in one placeSee the full moonWe look at its faceIt'll be me looking at youImagine ourselves alone in the worldStill couldn't agree"
  • The Cult Full Tilt
    "Ooh yeah, yeah-yeah Gunfire ricochet off my halo My head is buzzin' like a hive of bees The truth is certain, I gotta start livin' I've been down for all to see, yeah All my dreams creepin' up on me The"
  • Machine Gun Fellatio Full Moon
    "I got washed up on an island in Memphis I got wasted in a Longbeach bungalow I took out your assassins on a plateau drunk with poison I'm hell-bent on doing the things you love I'm hell-bent on doing the"
  • Victoria Beckham Full Stop
    "Always sitting pretty with my legs closed Know just how to get up out of limos If I gotta walk then I gotta mean walk If you wanna talk politics let's talk Go by the book, and stick to the plan Never see"
  • Virus Full Circle
    "Do you ever feel like you can't do nothing right? Feeling so repetitive as your day turns to night You're organized, you had it straight - you watched it collapse Stuck inside this fu*king game where nothing"
  • John Hiatt Full Moon
    "There's a wind inside my soul, Burnin' secrets in the cold. My spirit rages. And the faces in my field, Only flesh made out of him. My body ages. Houses made of stone and ice. Chimneys smokey"
  • Iris DeMent Full forever
    "And I've had to fightAnother blurred affair tonightEyelids wrestle once againNever gonna see my friendGuided by the blinding whiteHave you left home in spiteKnowing I'm alone tonightWaiting for the light"
  • The Goo Goo Dolls Full Forever
    "And I've had to fight Another blurred affair tonight Eyelids wrestle once again Never gonna see my friend Guided by the blinding white Have you left home in spite Knowing I'm alone tonight Waiting for"
  • Spineshank Full Circle
    "My mind is only of your demise But I find that you're still ill My life is nothing but stolen lies So I look for a life to steal My kind is living a life that dies But my eyes see human life This time"
  • Stan Bush Full circle
    "Restless and proud, they called him a dreamerKnew in his heart he'd make it somedayStrong words, nobody heard anything he was sayin'Believed his guitar could take him away, oh yeahHe climbed the rock,"

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