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  • Intro - Casual
    "Casual Fear Itself Intro Yo (yeah) This is casual (we in the house) Breakin rappers backs (want to let y'all know) You are now warned (hieroglyphics) Might as well get used to it i'm comin with the Fat"
  • Intro - Bizzy Montana & Chakuza
    "Die beiden Typen sind am Beat und legens Deutschland echt zu Fen, wenn Ihr uns dann seht, knnt Ihr nur bertrieben freundlich gren. Wir haben krasse Flows am Start, das ganze Land ist blo am Feiern, weil"
  • Intro - Kumbia Kings
    "Intro Listen to what i'm about' to say: When Its been bout 6 months, 2 weeks, bout 7 days, that you haven't got a call from him or even had him come your way, tell me what kind of a man just gets up and"
  • Intro - Alkaline Trio
    "Intro: Raekwon Yeah yeah, that's us Hit me hit me hit me, I ain't got nothin to do with none of that Besides, whatever Louis Rich Diamonds (yeah) 12 O'Clock, Gambinos Those crazy boneyard boys is back"
  • Intro - Sepultura
    "(Intro: Man Speaking) If one does what God does enough times, he becomes as God is If you put it together, you get what you wanted What you desired, if you do it enough times He believes, you become one"
  • Intro - E.S.G.
    "June 3rd, the day I was born Lil' nappy head nigga, t-shirt all torn Mama dropped out of school, in the 8th grade Kids across the street, they use to sell lemonade Shit I bought a bar of soap, and a box"
  • Intro - Inoki
    "...Scratches... newkingz tape volume 1 dj shablo al mix fabiano detto inoki c'abbiamo tutti sopra newkinz tape volume 1 Inoki: vienimi a cercare il mio gruppo i newkingz sulla tua faccia fa l'effetto"
  • Intro - Scarface
    "Yo 'Face, let's set it off It was the day that hell had broke loose, demons in the sky with the {?} Take over the heavens and burn it over It's darker than the hearts of men, but I ain't scared cause"
  • Intro - Danny
    "Yo I took a gamble with my own fate So I can try to get some national exposure for my home state I had a strategy and mapped it out The backwards route: blow up, and take it back to underground Six years,"
  • Intro - Girls Aloud
    "It's all about the hairline and it's all about the game Don't ask me to say my name Don't ask me to share my fame it's all about the flashlights, it's all about the flames You took the bait and now"

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