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Faith Hill There Youll Be

  • Enter faith - Soulfly
    "Now... Frustration turning, turning around Stomping the feet, moving the ground All the barriers unbound Unexplained, it can't be found Now... Motivation comes from beyond Purity like the unborn Riding"
  • Faith Alone - Bad Religion
    "Heard a sermon from a creaky pulpit With no one in the nave I paid a visit to the synagogue And I left there feeling blame No one can tell me what to do No one had the capacity to answer me What the world"
  • Faith Healer - Amaran
    "I wanted it all, but couldn't get it all under control Didn't realize how much I could lose this way I'm cleansing my soul in the light, trying to get innocent Will you lead me straight, or will I lose"
  • Promised Faith - Burst
    "Under siege, mental chains As a caged rat My will condemned Fallen on faith of others What the hell had I? By god, I wonder where's my chance? I'd sell my soul For just one glance Nourished on forsaken"
  • Have Faith - Angelo Kelly
    "Will this pressure ever go away Will the money every be to stay Gotta pay the bills gotta buy food The kids need new clothes They gotta go to school As long as we have faith God will always be right by"
  • Blind Faith - Quiet Riot
    "Ive been the distance and Ive seen it all Ive been turned around by love and hate I have resided in my private hell But I love this life and I live to tell Blind Faith is the cause of the trouble Blind"
  • Faith Healer - Tora Tora
    "Walking with your eyes closed Down a dead end street You think you're never coming back That's when your heart begins to bleed, yeah-e-ah Wandering in circles And you don't know where to go Let me take"
  • Bittersweet Faith - Bitter Sweet
    "No worry grows Everything will work out fine We'll hold our back Wait for another sight I've tasted Your bittersweet faith My heart waits for you I'm taking A moment to say Everything I do.. (I do, do,"
  • Faith assembly - Collapsed System
    "Pray in the faith assemblyGod will be above your headtell him the stories you told meand the other things that make you sadJoin in the faith assemblyfree your soul become alivethat's the only way to forget"
  • New Faith - Slayer
    "Holy man open up your eyes To the ways of the world you've been so blind As the walls of religion come crashing down How's the ignorance taste the second time around Tell me how it feels knowing chaos"

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