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Alicia Keys - Try Sleeping With Broken Heart

  • Keys to my heart - Lonestar
    "Here's the keys to my heartHoney drive me crazyTake me anywhere you wanna goHere's the keys to my heartHoney drive me crazyFill it up with love and let it rollI gotta admit it's been wrecked a time or"
  • with out you - Alicia Keys
    "ALICIA KEYS Miscellaneous with out you With out you boy with out you boy__________! with out boy i could never live with you far away i'll give anything you know to never let you go________ i never________"
  • Keys To Your Heart - John Waite
    "All I ever wanted was to get away And spend some time alone To a big house in the country To a private yacht with Wall St. on the phone And in a million dollar paradise Maybe I could sing a better song But"
  • Keys - Heavy Trevy
    "His eyes are open but he just wont see It's all around him but it's not where he wants to be He drives me crazy when he bitches and yells Sometimes I wish that he would fuck off and go to hell He"
  • Try - Michael Penn
    "I picked up that something of it I could still try to make Then watch me blink and overlook What I undertake 'Til I don't try I don't try and I don't want to try to anymore I would choose to accuse you Strike"
  • Try - Ian Van Dahl
    "Don't try to run away cause I understand what youre feelin' don't try to run away cause I understand the pain that's tearin' you apart just stay here with me and so you will see that you belong to me we"
  • Try - Bebo Norman
    "Outside my room looking in You'll probably find me all over the place In pictures of me back in school A slight crooked kid like the smile on my face And my first guitar by the bed With circles of"
  • For My Broken Heart (With Reba Mcentire) - Jacky Cheung
    "For My Broken Heart One by one put them in your car (Jacky)Nothing much for us to say One last goodbye and you drove away I watched your tail-lights As they faded in the dark (Reba)I couldn't face"
  • To A Sleeping Beauty - Jimmy Dean
    "Dear daughter I tiptoed to your room tonight And I looked down at you smiling in your sleep You were so lovely my heart nearly broke And I thought how very much like sleeping beauty a little girl is When"
  • Sleeping With Lions - The 69 Eyes
    "said you wanted to feel cold metal and hard steel but it cuts in too deep to see you doing your midnight creep somebody hurts you so you're hurting me the only way it was meant to be as the lights of neon"

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