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Ancient soldier

  • Soldier - Sammie
    "I rode my bike past yo house at least a thousand times no matter wat i do i just cant get u off my mind all the guys in da neighborhood they wanna kno yo name well its to bad they cant talk to u cuz their"
  • Soldier - Michelle Williams
    "Hey (I want a soldier)Well you got it, I'm the hottest aroundThey'll know it when they see you rollin' Impalas around(I got a soldier)With the top down, feelin' the soundsQuakin' and vibratin' them thighsRidin'"
  • Soldier - Tj Lavin
    "Every night I pray, You'll come home today. Every day goes by, And you're on my mind. Don't fell so alone, everyone's here with you You'll be coming home. I sit and think about the good times I sit and"
  • Soldier - Z-RO
    "[21 second instrumental to open] If somebody got a problem with me, come and address it If the shoe fits it then walk in it I'm talkin to Texas See I'm from a section where we kid each other for practice So"
  • Soldier - Erykah Badu
    "Mmmmm See he's organized And he's on the ball Never miss a day of school And he's a underdog Wanna learn more and more Cuz his mama taught him good He's about to change the face Of yo ghetto neighborhood Walking"
  • Soldier - Globe
    "Oh Baby...So Lonely Get Away 1 Oh Baby...So Lonely phone call () Freezin' Dreamin' Mozaic 2wordspendant endless Gonna let you know Too dark, too bright Too black, Too white Gun fight Horizon"
  • Soldier - Hillsong United
    "Can't nobody stop me now Cause i'm part of the army now Praise the LORD is what i wanna shout Even in a crowd i'm gonna sing it Loud You can see what you want to see But i know what he's done for me Every"
  • Soldier - Shawn Hlookoff
    "Some people say, I'm a fighter Some people hate what I do I stand for my country I stand for you I got a family that loves me They respect what I do Try telling your child you're leaving Believe me it's"
  • Soldier - Kobra And The Lotus
    "Fear, fear in his eyes Knowing the anthems come And there’s nowhere to run Flashing before his … His … lay down on the ground Holding his destiny Inside my arms With my gun I’m crashing his dreams And"
  • Soldier soldier - Captain Jack
    "Soldier soldier don't look downI'm here for you in every townMama told Mary not to go downtownToo many lovely boys hanging aroundMary didn't listen - she went anywayThere she met a boy who took her awaySoldier"

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