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  • Miss Hanaga - Kevin Ayers
    "Miss Hanaga is a terrible flirt she looks like sugar she talks like dirt take off your trousers you'll lose your shirt to miss Hanaga All the women call her slut while all the men try to knock on her"
  • I'm So Tired - Kevin Ayers
    "I think I ought to go to bed It's getting dark inside my head I've been working now, all night long, Trying to find that impossible song. I think I ought to go to bed, and call it a day. I've got my poet's"
  • Where Do The Stars End - Kevin Ayers
    "Floating on moonlight With my head on your knee; But, once again, babe I'm thinking about me. And, though we're feeling close And touching, too; You have to admit, babe, You're thinking about you. And,"
  • Madame Butterfly - Kevin Ayers
    "Nothing positive can come out of this Said madame butterfly with her last kiss; And what you never had, you won't really miss And nothing really matters, no not even this. Alright, I said, I know All"
  • Stepping Out - Kevin Ayers
    "Honey, I just hate The way that you treat me, now What we had is gone, I know, But even so.... Now it's asking too much When I want to talk to you; After all the talking You and I been through All that's"
  • Champagne & Valium - Kevin Ayers
    "Champagne and valium - half-hearted kisses; Lord, won't you tell me What kind of breakfast this is. God said, cool it, boy, you've sure got a nerve.. You've already had much more than you deserve. Shut"
  • Animals - Kevin Ayers
    "Animals went in two by two Just 'cause someone told them to. Now they're living in a zoo Baby, ain't that just like me and you? Ain't you just like the animals You do as you're told. Ain't you just like"
  • Banana Hymn - Kevin Ayers
    "When it comes to discussing bananas, I am moved to extravagant praise; For the banana is firm and substantial, And may be used in a number of ways. With more presence than leeks or asparagus, And more"
  • Feelin', Reelin', Squealin' - Kevin Ayers
    "This is a token of words unspoken to you Honey, I'm feelin' reelin' and squealin' for you Why don't you tell me One way or another That you'd rather be Your father and mother. This is a feeling from the"
  • Goodnight Goodnight - Kevin Ayers
    "Goodnight, sleep tight You're going to see who you want to see In dreamland; Goodnight, sleep tight You're going to be who you want to be In dreamland. Blushing faces, crazy places, Paper chases, human"

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