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Babyshambles UnBiloTitled

  • France - Babyshambles
    "The ideal girlto London from Francecame over then left meshe left me entrancednow I have to get byonce again on my ownnothing but memoriesSo I remember your eyesthat unique shade of brownwhile these blue"
  • Gang of gin - Babyshambles
    "I get around to singing about That gang of gin I'm in Then you'll know most certainly The kind of game I'm in You sound around to swinging about The gang of gin I'm rolling in, oh Then you'll know The"
  • Half cocked boy - Babyshambles
    "That boy must be a maniacThey gave him every chance and he gave it right backHe turned around and said "oh no, I don't need youDon't care for your sound, I don't even need you" Mum and dad were poor when"
  • He will fall - Babyshambles
    "We've been running round this world too much, girlTrying not to seeBut no freer then, we can see again Now the old corruption packed its ransom sackButtoned his dirty MacHe won't be coming back with us,He"
  • I got sweets - Babyshambles
    "Well i got sweetsAnd i got treatsAnd i roll them with the sandsAnd i just ? them with my feet (oye)When that ghost ship towing downThese wide open streetsOh lord, i need my sweetsWell i ain't got no big"
  • I love you - Babyshambles
    "(but you're green) I was a troubled teenput an ad in a magazineto the annoyance of someone or othershe doubted my integrityand this is what she said to me:Oh, you, you're greenyou don't know what love"
  • Lust of the libertines - Babyshambles
    "Lust of the libertines Is really quite tame It rages quiet nigh here beside you And your lust for fame Well fames such a sinister game I know It could all end this way then Some things won't be the same"
  • Merrygoround - Babyshambles
    "You have always thinking of herYou're in love and you don't know what to sayBut I saw her at the fair and she feels the same wayShe was married by the merry-go-roundThe merry-go-roundHow merrily we go"
  • Pentonville - Babyshambles
    "It's roughIt's wicked and roughIt's hardPentonville roughIt's toughIt's wicked and roughIt's hardPentonville roughNow in Pentonville there's all type of nationRussian, Columbian and JamaicanLatvian, Croatian"
  • The last post on the bugle - Babyshambles
    "If I have to goI will be thinking of your loveSomehow you will knowYou will knowThinking of your loveSadly they whisper awayAs I playd the last post on the bugleIve got something to say (oh no..)Said theyre"

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