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Beatifull madness

  • Scientifical Madness - Jeru The Damaja
    "(Chorus) Scientifical Madness Scientifical Madness My status is the baddest Scientifical Madness Scientifical Madness My status is the baddest (Verse 1) There's a hole in the ozone layer I'm rippin"
  • The Madness - Insane Clown Posse
    "Where can I go they don't want me no mo' Where can I go they don't want me no mo' What if I plugged a screwdriver up into they guts Would they mouths be laughin' at me or would they keep 'em shut I'm running"
  • Military Madness - Graham Nash
    "In an upstairs room in Blackpool By the side of a northern sea The army had my father And my mother was having me Military madness was killing my country Solitary sadness comes over me And after the"
  • Solitary madness - Kane
    "In this old town I grew up strongIn this old town I waitedFor the right timesAnd the wieght to carry onIn this old town I waitedI waited for her sympathyHow she kept my longing shadedShe kept my body aching"
  • Sweet Madness - Ari Koivunen
    "I turn the key I dare not see I close my eyes and enter the fear The evil voice That says I have no choice It leads me to the sea Of violent waves anger Suppressed by the days From pounding waves I find"
  • Fullmoon madness - Moonspell
    "Somos memórias de lobos que rasgam a pele Lobos que foram homens e o tornaro a ser They awake for flesh Choose pain as a path Refuse a light To blind you and me Full Moon Madness, We are as one and congregate"
  • Beautiful Madness - MICHAEL PATRICK KELLY
    "there’s no the line on your horizon you’re like a lion and a lamb is it a tragedy ot triumph? you’re so good it’s sick why did you swallow sown my poison no I’m your number one fan naked on a desert island you’re"
  • Moonlight Madness - Bee Gees
    "It's the midnight hour and I wish you were here Somebody following me, I just can't sleep alone I figure it's the way I am ,or a thing that Happened to me somewhere in my childhood I'm all that I could"
  • Swirling Madness - Helstar
    "I have seen the morbid faces I have felt the awesome pain I have traveled to these places It was just a game If you seek the ultimate pleasure I know the place you wish to find A panacea of sadistic treasures Waiting"
  • Duel Madness - Yu-Gi-Oh
    "(Virtual systems ready) Got to find a way just to play just a little game Got a compulsion, want to be a champion Got to feel the heart, got to be smart play the card Got to get inside the mind of my"

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