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  • What - Boo Radleys
    "It's as big or if you want it too small for the eye to see Dare you take a peek inside it forget yourself what can it be? things you know you shouldn't look at Things you know you shouldn't see things"
  • What - Electric Light Orchestra
    "What is that strang air in the sky.Why should a strange star pass me by.How can you congratulate the people who destroyed the piece of mind,the silly people just like you and better too.How can you keep"
  • What - Ne-Yo
    "She wanted the money The fame The brand names And fancy cars She left a hard working man behind For a fellow with a championship ring See heres the thing about dating a superstar She was one of like eight"
  • What - John Denver
    "This song appears on four albums, and was first released on the John Denver Album. It has also been released on the Country Classics, Reflections and The Country Roads Collection Albums. You know sometimes"
  • What - Juice
    "Ha ha Thats nasty, fa sho Wha? Uh-uh You dont want it with me dog, nope (hook) See the North holds the government Niggas that I bubble with You bet that I'ma double it See I'm on some other shit Dough,"
  • What! - Soft Cell
    "I'm lost again and I'm on the run Looking for love in a sad song. With your avenger eyes and your catlike ways I can hold you. You are a fool for me to be cruel. I'm leaning on this bar listening to you"
  • What - Perry Como
    "What's new? How is the world treating you? You haven't changed a bit, Lovely as ever I must admit. What's new? How did that romance come through? We haven't met since then, Gee but it's nice to"
  • What - Scary Kids Scaring Kids
    "We watched these days go by, The seasons change and faded away, and the things I've learned to love go on and die. There's no reason why, no reason why, no reason why, no reason why Cause life's too"
  • What - Johnny Tillotson
    "WHAT'LL I DO Writer Irving Berlin Gone is the romance That once was devine It's broken and cannot be mended You must go your way And I must go mine But now that our love dreams have ended.... What'll"
  • What - Renton
    "From a row Immaculate thing It takes a bunch of time To a shape From your thought From your secret place Theres a long way to create Whats not growing is dead I think I stopped Could you please simulate My"

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