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Beth Hart Favorite Things

  • Favorite phrase - J Church
    "Everything moves so fast, Now where was it I saw you last? It must have been [...?] or at the show, You looked at me with sad, sad eyes, And it always takes me by surprise, You're asking me things I just"
  • favorite crime - Olivia Rodrigo
    "Know that i loved you so bad I let you treat me like that I was your willing accomplice, honey And i watched as you fled the scene Doe-eyed as you buried me One heart broke Four hands bloody The things"
  • My Favorite - Leo Sayer
    "the first time I met youI knew that I was gonna fallyou took me you shook meyou put me higher on the wall but I love it you're my favoritewon't change it for anything at allI can't do I won't do won't"
  • Hart - Farin Urlaub
    "Ich liebte ein Mdchen, sie liebte mich nicht. Also brach ich ihr das Genick. Ich wollte einfach sicher geh'n, dass kein Anderer sie kriegt. Nachts hab' ich sie dann an der Autobahn verscharrt, denn ich"
  • My favorite song - Ellegarden
    "A sunny day I wake up and I see I have oversleptI'm already lateNo need to rush anymoreThat feels so good I've got a new stereo That means I've got anew toyI turned it onI love the moment of picking a"
  • Your Favorite Fool - Jack Greene
    "Tell me lies and hurtin' things make me cry and feel ashamed I don't care what I go through as long as I'm your favorite fool Make me blue as I can be be untrue and walk on me I don't mind the things you"
  • Your Favorite Thing - Sugar
    "Tell me I'm your favorite thing You can tell me anything I wouldn't mind Dream about you every night Something tells me that's not right I wouldn't mind, I wouldn't mind Not at all Stuck inside my head"
  • Things - Fanny Pack
    "Parties, Movies Candy, toys, Clothes, shopping, Music, boys, Flowers, beaches, Mom and Dad These here things Make me glad I hate Players Cheaters Suckers, liars Boys who smoke And go start fires Can't"
  • Sarah Beth - Rascal Flatts
    "Sara Beth is scared to deathTo hear what the doctor will sayShe hasn't been wellSince the day that she felland the bruise that just won't go awaySo she sits and she waits with her mother and dadand flips"
  • These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things - Death By Stereo
    "Your pop culture is shit Where do I stand as an individual? In a cultureless society One that I don't need I've got a mind of my own Here I stand without a place to roam With out an idol telling me just"

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