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Bliźniaczki olsen

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Bliźniaczki olsen
  • Olsen Twins Mummies have mommies too
    "When a monster's walking toward you,With his big arms open wide,You really shouldn't be afraid.No, you don't need to hide.He probably only wants a hug,A little love from you.So before you scream,remember"
  • Olsen Twins My horse and me
    "I had this dreamThat I owned a horseHis name is RiverHe comes when I callHe's black and white so he stands outAnd when I ride him I fell so tallMy horse and meWe ride around the world for there's so much"
  • Olsen Twins Dare to dance
    "Do you know how to move?Then do the boogaloo groove.Just get up on your feet,And get into the beat.You can twist like a tornado,And do the mashed potato.You gotta take a chance.You gotta dare to dance.Chorus:Don't"
  • Olsen Twins Decisions, decisions
    "Chorus:I love it (Do you need it?)Gotta have it (How much?)Four weeks allowance (Do ya still love it?)I don't know. Decisions, Decisions.When you're stylin' on allowance, it's gonna be tough'Cause in a"
  • Olsen Twins Desperate for a dog
    "Mom and DadCan't you see we're sad?Pining away for a canineWow is meOh the miseryWe'd like a dogWe lack a dogAlas! Alack-a-dee!Chorus:DesperateDesperate for a dogWe're just desperate for a dog!Give us"
  • Olsen Twins Don't let your mom go shopping
    "Well mom, you know I love you. You mean so much to me.I love the sense of style you got from Oprah on TV.I love the way you've don't the house, the paintings in thehall.But why'd you buy these clothes"
  • Olsen Twins Neighborhood kitchen pots
    "There's something special happening at our house todayOur friends are coming over and we're all gonna' playBut we're not playing with bricks or blocks or outside in thesandWe're heading for the kitchenTo"
  • Olsen Twins No one tells
    "Someday I'd like to be President.It's a job that's caught my eye.I know I'd enjoy being PresidentAnd here's the reason why.No one tells the President how to dress.No one bugs him if his oval office is"
  • Olsen Twins Nothing to do
    "We made sixty pancakes, ate about six.We played ten games of pick-up sticks,Counts cars on Route 66,but there's nothing much to do.We played four games of checkers,three games of chess, two of Monopoly,"
  • Olsen Twins One buffaloo, two buffali
    "A goose and a goose make : two giseA moose and a moose make : two miseA mouse and a mouse make : two miceA grouce and a grouce make : gripe? Greece!One buffalo, two buffaliSounds good, gice it a tryIt"

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