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Blink Genie In A Bottle

  • Bottle - Doug Anthony All Stars
    "A stinking sun burned me awake, Through the shattered windowpane, I recalled through the eyes of claret red, He had taken me again. And the hair of the dog revives me, But I find it hard to swallow, It's"
  • Bottle - Rainer Maria
    "Baby, there's the moon. I'll sing it down if you ask me to. And maybe I'm a fool, but nothing ever felt this good. It's like a bottle to the head. I'm seeing stars, I'm seeing red. I'd taste your mouth"
  • Bottle - Redwood (Switzerland)
    "I got drunk on a Monday Felt like hell on Tuesday I wen to the doctor Wednesday He gave my something funky woke up on a Saturday I know it's never gonna be the same And I know there's nothing left to"
  • Bottle - Floater
    "Start my day and hit my head with th edoor. Grab hold of the chair and pull myself from the floor. Still isn't clear what that was for I've recognized strong feelings in here. Fruit ripe for the picking"
  • Bottle Bottle - Porter Wagoner
    "Bottle bottle why do I love you so much Gasping for air I come up from your lips amazed at the beauty at my fingertips Awed by the softness and warmth of your touch Bottle bottle why do I love you so much You"
  • Don't Blink - Kenny Chesney
    "I turned on the evenin' news Saw an old man being interviewed Turnin' a hundred and two today They asked him what's the secret to life He looked up from his ol' pipe Laughed and said, 'All I can say is' Don't"
  • Don't Blink - Twista
    "(feat. Turtle Banxx) you know man Turtle Banxx I want you to go in there and get them niggas man let em know the drought is over man game recognize game cock your pistols and aim (wee straight) all about"
  • Piano Blink - Hawksley Workman
    "Let's lie and say that it's alright When we fight together Let's say we're happy even though We know we're both done trying How would we know That we'd both end up crying They say let go I guess we're"
  • Blink - Meghan Trainor
    "I’m an eclipse I’m a shooting star I’ma you come quick then I break your heart watch out, watch out for me I am smarter than you think I m crazy but I am sweet you’ll see there ain’t nobody like me so"
  • Blink - Happy Man
    "chodź mała polatamy se po mieście na zegarze 200 goni nas coś io io a dla nas za wcześnie okulary schowaj bo będę driftował a to ci sie spodoba chodź mała polatamy se po mieście na zegarze 200 goni nas"

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