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Bocoran togel Hongkong malam ini dri admin pusat 4d

  • Gun Control - Dri
    "Automatic weapons were meant for the war But here they are right outside your front door Gangs and thieves are armed to the hilt Ready to kill without the guilt Gun control We need gun control [2] A"
  • Kill The Words - Dri
    "Kill the author Of the best seller Place a bounty Upon his head Kill writer Of opposition Tell the squad I want that man dead I want him dead [2] Kill free speech As an example Hang the corpse For all"
  • Drown You Out - Dri
    "We've waited with patience For acceptance Into your lame-o stations You've left us no choice Because you won't let us Voice our opinions We've got to drown you out Drown you out [2] When commercial sponsors Decide"
  • The Trade - Dri
    "I'm on a roll Out of control Another one night stand I can't get away 'Cause I'm on display But I can't see you, man Smile for the cameras Smile for the fans Sign their records And shake their hands Try"
  • Standing In Line - Dri
    "Standing in line For something to eat Dragging my ass Dead on my feet No more possessions Just my clothes Down on my luck And I'm sure it shows No confidence No self-esteem When I lost my love I lost"
  • Down To The Wire - Dri
    "When it comes down to the wire No one will help, every man for himself When it comes down t the wire You have to do what you can for yourself There's a contract out on me Now there's no safe place to be I'm"
  • Level 7 - Dri
    "Way down here on level 7 So far from the radiation Push-button soldiers underground Stationed seven levels down We're even deeper than the president We are permanent residents We're here for the duration Only"
  • Sucker - Dri
    "Ever had one of those days? Argumentative, no incentive Can't do anything right I'm trying so hard to analyze and compromise But there's no solution in sight Can I live up to your greed? Shopping, buying,"
  • Give A Hoot - Dri
    "I give a hoot But I still pollute I don't know what's the matter with me I won't kill But I think I'd shoot If it meant whether or not I'd be free Simulated sympathy In a world full of pain It's each"
  • Worker Bee - Dri
    "You're a worker bee Can't you see? A cog in the wheel Of their factory You'll do what you're told Until you grow old Or you get laid off Because the company's sold Change your mind To change the way You've"

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