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Boya Chile black

  • Black Sheep Boy Number 4 - Okkervil River
    "Bleeding black sheep boy, mirror in pieces. Turn the receiver, trace the police station. Line to my number and number my reasons for this paranoia, for these accusations. Each night the numbers paired"
  • Make Me Feel - Boya Chile
    "you Make Me Feel like a star you Make Me Feel I just go for you you Make Me Feel like you’re essential you Make Me Feel I just say: I do! we stay together we stay together you Make Me Feel like a star you"
  • Boy Boy - Cam'ron
    "What up boy, boy? Ain't nothin' boy, boy, it's good in the hood What's poppin' boy, boy? A lot of these cats fakin' jacks boy, boy My man Smit' over hear, he's got somethin' on his mind 'Sup Smitty? "
  • Voodoo Chile (Slight Return) - Stevie Ray Vaughan
    "Well I'm standin' next to a mountain....Choppin' down with the edge of my hand Well I'm standin' next to a mountain....Choppin' down with the edge of my hand Pick up the pieces, make an island....Might"
  • Black On Black - Dalbello
    "Some things are so sacred... Black On Black A pretty little altar boy Daddy's little pride and joy Change the water into wine Touch yourself and you'll go blind A warning signal from above A place where"
  • Voodoo Chile (jimi Hendrix) - Ben Harper
    "Ben Harper Miscellaneous Voodoo Chile (jimi Hendrix) Well i stand up next to a mountain I chop it down with the edge of my hand Well i stand next to a mountain I chop it down with the edge of my hand I"
  • Pretty Girl From Chile - The Avett Brothers
    "I'm no more than a friend girl I can see that you need more My boots are on my feet now My bag is by the door And the love and the attention That you need and ask me for Are weakened by my actions And"
  • Black Eye - Black Lab
    "jane can't keep herself home tonight keep herself believing she'll be alright keep herself awake to a body that's close to the hands and the feet that nobody else knows all the way from london she looks"
  • Guerilla Black - Guerilla Black
    "(Mario Winans) Oh yeah, oh yeah! ohh baby Oh ohh, oh ohh, oh baby, oh yeah.. (Verse - Guerilla Black) I remember when I met you on Crenshaw I almost crashed my truck, and spilled my Hen' dawg Yes you,"
  • A Slow Waltz For Chile - Latin Quarter
    "Last night I heard of the death of a stranger to me 'Though I've known many more of her kind Scattered in bed-sits and in 'hard-to-let' flats And anywhere else they could find Half a world distant for"

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