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Bsrely gohost loft

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Bsrely gohost loft
  • Kingston Trio Raspberries strawberries
    "Spoken: A young man goes to Paris, as every young man should. There's something in the air of France that does a young man good. Chorus: On the album, Dave sings the beginning of the chorus in phonetic"
  • Vintersorg Spegelsf
    "Inciklad av stjrnhrars krestsande flt Frn alla vderstreck en vidgande reflektor Likt en fabeldrm som sammansmlt Och visas av av en versinnlig projektor En blndande aftonsol dr str frbldd Med irreversibla"
  • Joy Electric The Magic Of
    "Snowflakes fall Spring's snoring Elves are scurrying in the barn loft Tick tock Hee haw Hay is rustling Good old fairy dust and plum bowed parcels White fawn fairy wands and shortbread castles Feel"
  • Allister Westbound
    "Driving through nights on empty roads Hoping the clubs promote our shows Wasting days in endless naps Finding new ways to fill the gaps Another word game with the band Another losing rummy hand Another"
  • The Sleepy Jackson Play A Little Bit For Love
    "This is the start of fashion, not the end. The truth don't come easily If you don't let your ears breathe. High heels and wine frills and a cut of coloured car. Corvette corner, long fringe crooner or"
  • Ian Dury You're more than fair
    "You're more than fair, you've got a gorgeous bum Why don't you come to my house and meet my mum I like your titties, they're nice and small Let me have a squeeze in my front hall Satin drawers I want to"
  • Crotchduster Mammal Sauce
    "Listen Up Motherfucker I Got Something I Need To Say If You Dont Use Mammal Sauce You Might As Well Be Gay I Feel It Running Through My Brain I Feel It Running Through My Eyes You Hear The Name Thats Calling"
  • Luxuria Our Curious Leader
    "Our curious leader knows what's best how we're signal bound now to existential sex our curious leader has such a lovely daughter we wash their feet and quench our thirst with the same water Our curious"
  • Rusty Groovy Dead
    "Hello... I hit top speed I smoke the dragon Into the loft I drag my asshole I stick my head under the pillow It's so groovy when I'm dead Pull the covers over head It's so groovy to be dead The phone it"
  • Emily Haines Bottom Of The World
    "Is it true? You used to be my friend. What did I do? Why didn't I get into your cool crew? You got a modern loft and a new tattoo of your own name. Got a single room overlooking the highway under microwave. For"

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