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Champ elisse

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Champ elisse
  • B Quand Il Est Mort Le Po?te
    "Bcaud Gilbert Miscellaneous Quand Il Est Mort Le Pote Paroles : Louis Amade Musique : Gilbert Bcaud (c) 1965 by les ditions Rideau Rouge et les ditions Allo Music. 1 Quand il est mort le pote, Quand"
  • Booba 0.9
    "c'est quoi ? c'est d'la 0.9 si si... d'la 0.9 d'la re - pu ro (haut - d'seine, bollos, bollos) 9 decembre j'ai les mains froides, la france veut m'embaucher, tenter d'me rechauffer, elle peut se mettre"
  • Sido & Fler So ist es
    "Du weit nie, wie es kommt ,weil das Leben eine Bitch ist Eins ist sicher: Wir 2 bleiben, ihr wisst es So ist es so so ist es So ist es so ist es Du weit nie was passiert ich seh nur scheie im Buisness! Eins"
  • South Park Mexican Twice Last Night
    "We did it twice last night And once in the morning [2x] I pulled out my jimmy from a cracker jack box The bullet proof vest blocking all my cum shots I got one in London and her name is regina Then"
  • Phantom Rose I'm Cruisin' In My Car
    "I'm cruisin' in my car just ridin' on thru, I saw a lil cutie that I wanna do, Now don't get me wrong cuz I'm not a tramp, I just get what I want cuz you know I'm'ma champ, At getting all the guys"
  • QQ Stookie
    "So weh dem a say Colour Eheh, Mr.Wacky seh fi move dem waist This a di brand new dance weh name stook dem Yeah An we Stook dem so easy.So weh dem a do so fah? Mi no know Ah wah a cause dem.A di brand new"
  • Tinie Tempah Tears
    "Eyes, My eyes tears won't fall from my eyes Eyes, My eyes tears won't fall from my eyes don't wanna cry don't wanna cry tears won't fall from my eyes don't wanna cry don't wanna cry tears won't fall"
  • You me at six Call That A Comeback
    "I've got a bad feeling, That I went and got dirt on your name And you swear you heard them say, That is the guy who makes the biggest mistakes oh He said, she said, that I'm a joke, The kind of hoax"
  • Wu-Tang Clan Deadly Melody
    "As we return, to the 36 Chambers The RZA, the GZA The Ol Dirty BZA U-God, Chef, the Ghostface Killah And Meth, Rebel I soldier for the foreclosure Don't forget about the Masta, yo Motherfuckers halt, when"
  • Weird Al Yankovich Rye Of The Kaiser
    "Fat and weak, what a disgrace Guess the champ got too lazy Ain't gonna fly now, he's just takin' up space Sold his gloves, threw his eggs down the drain But he's no bum, he works down the street He bought"

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