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Charity vance two birds

  • Birds - Adrian Belew
    "Birds, birds everywhere I see I wanna live like they do I wanna be in their trees, So heavenly Bird, birds everywhere I go I wanna know what they know I wanna live in harmony, So simply Dear god, I know"
  • Birds - Lisa Loeb
    "We are birds we Ran from the water. And birds we take off Over the ocean. We fly in flock sometimes, Fly in a V. But we can fly solo, I can tell you no. And a sea fly lands on the edge of your footprint, I'm"
  • Birds - Shade
    "I'm turning of the look From colours of reality Penetrable, pleasant warmth This one moment, while Fly away from here Touch a sun bean Breath of wind I see unblemished sky blue And below mosaic of hue Morning's"
  • Birds - eels
    "I can't look at the rocket launch The trophy wives of the astronauts And I won't listen to their words 'Cause I like Birds I don't care for walkin' down town Crazy auto car gonna mow me down Look at all"
  • Birds - Elton John
    "There's some things I don't have now Some things I don't talk about These things are between myself and I In my thick skull the joker hides There's consequences I'm scared to taste Cold hard truths I"
  • Birds - Aztec Camera
    "Words and music by Roddy Frame "Hey baby, baby bring your love to me" Repeats the radio relentlessly All day I dream a dream where feelings flee In free formation. The sweetest sound reflects in saddened"
  • Birds - Electrelane
    "I loved you in the morning Before the sun would come You were the dawn to me I loved you in the evening While the birds were still singing You gave every song to me I want to see you More than anything"
  • Birds - The Starting Line
    "Spend the day in your bed takin' medicine/ If that's the only thing that keeps you calm/ Well one of these days you gotta get up, and get out/ There is a purpose for all of my sitting here/ If you can't"
  • Birds - Bic Runga
    "Take your time make peace with the day, Lying on the ground and cold feet, And never mind what people will say, Talking is thoughtless and cheep I only said it to be kind, I wont pretend to be nieve, And"
  • Two Hearts - At Vance
    "I lost my mind I lost myself I kept on falling Straight down to hell Stood at the crossroads I needed a sign To find my way Out of the night As the light seemed to be too far away The answer to every prayer Looked"

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