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Cheryll blossom

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Cheryll blossom
  • The Move Cherry Blossom Clinic
    "Discovered that the papers have been signed To my bed I am confined Owing to my state of mind Special food for thought I must be fed The authorities have said I'm going off my head Suddenly from flowered"
  • Still Remains Blossom, The Witch
    "She is the enchantment She is the filth that you love to crawl in You're forced to feed on the dirt that you can only perceive as passion But looks are deceiving Beauty is only skin deep She's put and"
  • Midnight Oil Blossom And Blood
    "You the mothers who sent your sons Wipe away your tears For those who fought and those who fell Become our sons as well. You the warriors with your words Throw away your spears You talk of times of peace"
  • Glenn Miller Orange Blossom Lane
    "OUR LOVE AFFAIR Glenn Miller Our love affair will be such fun, We'll be the envy of ev'ryone, Those famous lovers we'll make them forget From Adam and Eve to Scarlett and Rhett. When youth has had its"
  • The Move Cherry Blossom Clinic Revisited
    "(It was one morning when I woke up, and then I found out that they'd signed some Papers, and then I was gonna be kept in a bed owing to my state of mind. And then I found out that the authorities had said,"
  • Xavier Rudd From Bud To Blossom
    "To know you And sooth your pain with high And not even try Through feelings and senses We stand as one And we don't even try Stand up push them Stand up feel me Don't stand alone For your time here now Is"
  • Heart (Up On) Cherry Blossom Road
    "Now the summers come and gone. I Feel September comin' on. Your still burning on my skin. Lord I want though, sweet rain drops to begin. Cool this fever and keep home, Up on Chery Blossom Road. Now"
  • Hank Snow The Answer To Little Blossom
    "THE ANSWER TO LITTLE BLOSSOM (arr. Hank Snow) '58 Hill & Range Songs Oh dear I'm so sad and heart broken waiting in my prison cell To be tried for the death of sweet blossom my baby that I loved so"
  • Behind Crimson Eyes Chapter 2: Cherry Blossom Epitaph
    "Try not to make a sound Cause your eyes aren't open I'll just wait till your awake I feel the weight of your chest. Rise and fall with every breath Is this how love is lost Live and die Do you just"
  • Alan Dale Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White
    "It's cherry pink and apple blossom white When your true lover comes your way It's cherry pink and apple blossom white The poets say The story goes that once a cherry tree Beside an apple tree did grow And"

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