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Chop Suey!');

  • Monopoly Chop - Papoose
    "(Intro) To everybody in the struggle If somebody ever told you, you couldn't do something and you still made it happen Congratulations So clap for the independent women So clap for my homies straight"
  • Mousou Chop - Otsuka Ai
    "imagoro ano ko to issho ni iru no kashira donna kyori de donna kao miseteru? fukuramu kokoro no yami mokumoku sora e to nobori ookina sekai e tobikonda MOYAMOYA mousou no daremo wo (imasugu) iya na atashi"
  • Poke Chop Sandwich - ZZ Top
    "Poke Better watch that Poke chop sandwich...waitin' in th' sack Ridin' a tom tom, a double fat back Got my poke chop sandwich... Layin' on da drum Poke chop greazy...i'm gonna get some Get some a' dat"
  • Pork Chop Sandwich - Dry Kill Logic
    "Gimme something to eat Gimme what you got And I don't want beans cause they make me fart I don't want no chili No siree Cause that leaves skid marks in my BVDs I don't want no yogurt Tastes like shit I"
  • Chop 'em Down - Matisyahu
    "Chorus: From the forest itself comes the handle for the axe Split this wilderness listen up this ain't where it's at Clear a path so that you could find your way back Chop 'em down, chop 'em down; chop"
  • Chop Me Up - Justin Timberlake
    "(feat. Three 6 Mafia, Timbaland) It's going down Tennessee Justin Timberlake Timbaland Three 6 Ma-ma-mafia Tennesse VA Dirty south Dirty south It's how we do what we do, man, when we do what we do "
  • Chop the tree - Icicle Works
    "When in the winter of our discontent,We found a way,To tie a bond between our hearts,In the open field should there we lay,Found a sharp stone, found a big tree,found a clear space in the bark,Laughing"
  • Judo Chop (Freestyle) - RiFF RAFF
    "Watch me tip toe on my way to the top Mozart pose by my lamborghini drop Seven cellphones can't remember my last name Motherfuck a bill my whole life is autopay I can ride gray in the thunder storm Benz Hoshitoshi"
  • I Got The Chop - Tower Of Power
    "Went down in the valley, I jumped back in the alley, Scaled the highest peak, I even plugged the biggest leak. Aint none quicker than I, Slicker than Superfly, I don't even have to try, I got the chop! I"
  • Chop 'Em Down Dub - Matisyahu
    "From the forest itself comes the hand for the ax Split this wilderness listen up this ain't where it's at Clear a path so that you could find your way back Chop 'em down, chop 'em down; chop 'em down,"

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