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Chris Rea Thinking Of You

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Chris Rea Thinking Of You
  • Nerf Herder Thinking Of You
    "Tell Deon Warwick, and all her Psychic friends. I won't be calling. They can't help me. 'Cause I don't wanna know the truth. I only want my dreams Here in (somewhere), Tennessee See, all the old stars"
  • Katy Perry Thinking Of You
    "Comparisons are easily done Once you've had a taste of perfection Like an apple hanging from a tree I pick the ripest one I still got the seed You said move on, where do I go I guess second best is all"
  • Tracy Chapman Thinking Of You
    "About what's real and true What can not be proven What can be assumed Once when I was younger In the bloom of youth I received an honest answer When a lie would do And now all I do is sit In my darkened"
  • Test Your Reflex Thinking Of You
    "I'd like to be, in a room just you and me We'll talk our eyes to sleep And when it's over and we part, you'll remain inside my heart You see I can't forget your face, your face, your face No.. No, oh,"
  • Hannah Montana Thinking of you
    "Everybody knowsSituations changeBut I promiseI'll always Stay the same (Always stay the same)And I'll remember youWhen I see A star fall From out of the blue Shine bright (Shine bright)Cause I'll be Thinking"
  • Student Rick Thinking Of You
    "each and everyday i somehow find away to think of you again. but in the back of my mind i know i waste my time cuz yeah im thinking of you again. its something in my dreams i never knew just what it"
  • Maiara Walsh Thinking Of You
    "Everybody knows Situations change People drift away But I promise I'll always Stay the same (Always stay the same) And I'll remember you When I see A star fall From out of the blue Shine bright (Shine"
  • Sa-Fire Thinking Of You
    "As I sit looking out the window I can still remember They called me to tell me you went away It was such a cold day On a Sunday morning It came without a warning And all the pain I felt inside I"
  • Umbrellas Thinking Of You
    "I can't sleep at night, I'm thinking of you And when you're away, I'm so blue I'm thinking of you I'll laugh my eyes out, I'll feel the rhythm I'll pretend you're the reason To make anything and everything"
  • Bonnie Pink Thinking Of You
    "Atarashii asa Shiroi iki to kuroku nureta hitomi samayou "mou ikanakucha to" Sei ippai mae muki na egao de okuridasou soba ni iru dake ja mienai mono hanareteite mo wakariaeru koto onaji tsuki onaji"

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