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Could could could

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Could could could
  • Sandi Patti They Could Not
    "They looked at Him and saw a simple man A carpenter with healing in His hands They saw Him calm a sea and heal a dying man They saw but could they really understand They could not, They could not Though"
  • Valentine Could be rainin
    "Conversations movin' like a hurricaneUh oh - time for a vacationSunday morning - woke up to find outUh oh - here comes a tidal waveChorus]Could be rainin' (rainin, could be rainin)Could be rainin' (rainin,"
  • Ellie Goulding Anything Could Happen
    "Stripped to the waist We fall into the river Cover your eyes So you don't know the secret I've been trying to hide We held our breath To see our names are written On the wreck of '86 That was the year I"
  • Anson Weeks How Could You?
    "Anson Weeks Miscellaneous How Could You? HOW COULD YOU Anson Weeks Just when romance got a start, You decided it was time to part How could you? How could you? It was on a night like this, You left me"
  • Seal If I Could
    "There's no reason for you to lose your mind, Cause I've seen something, That's gonna change our time. If I could, I'd make you understand. If I could, I'd make you understand. Ah... There's no hurry, It's"
  • Stellar* If I Could
    "if i could get the sky to agree i'd ask the clouds to write your name for all the people to see you know that i would if i could and if i could teach the sea to behave i'd make it so we could swim in"
  • Beth Ditto We Could Run
    "On television Kings and queens Live a lives Of people’s dreams You and I are human beings Living grief been They are rules That I’m into break You can call that this Is a great mistake We can always"
  • Slapshot Could It Be
    "Live without fear - could it be Takin out hate - could it be Seeking no violence - could it be Is it near - could it be Will we live without the pain Or will we have to fight again See it end or battle"
  • Evan & Jaron I Could Fall
    "Nobody could hurt me Like I know she could hurt me But there's nothing in this world that I won't do Nobody could take me To the places that she takes me Places that I never been before With my"
  • Rialto Anything Could Happen
    "They tried to kill us off But this show's not over Cos we were born to shine And thrill like supernova So dry your tears don't cry now It's nowhere near the final curtain Anything could happen This world's"

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