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  • Nobody Like Jesus - Darwin Hobbs
    "(feat. Shirley Murdock) There's nobody like Jesus There's nothing like His plan for my life There's nothing like the words that He's spoken over me (There's nobody like Jesus) There's nothing like the"
  • Unexplainable - Darwin Hobbs
    "I can't explain it, something's deep inside, I can't contain it, why should I try to hide? What I feel about You, oh it's just too much, I know that these words are not enough, so I'm gonna live mine as"
  • You Are God - Darwin Hobbs
    "You are God and King, You're the Master of everything. You are royalty, robed in majesty. Holy Lamb of God, we crown You the Lord of Lords. You're the greatest gift of all, Thou who has saved us from"
  • We Worship You Today - Darwin Hobbs
    "In humble adoration we bow before your throne As we come before your presence we honour you alone So we lift up our voices as trumpets heralding you You are the king of glory so this is what we do We"
  • So Amazing - Darwin Hobbs
    "God has truly been good to me, not even one sad day or minute have I had since You've come my way. I hope You know I'll gladly go anywhere You need me; it's so amazing to be loved, I'll follow You 'til"
  • You're The One - Darwin Hobbs
    "I've seen Your mighty works and there is no doubt Like the time You raised my life up from the grave You'd think that I'd be cook by now But I am still amazed At each and every time You do what You do I'm"
  • Wonderland - Darwin Hobbs
    "Come on in and enter as a child, you'll always wear a smile, love and laughter here all the while. The flag of salvation waves around, freedom here abounds, the joy in the sound calls my name; oh"
  • You Can't Be My Girl - Darwin Deez
    "Today I’m what drugs aren’t what you are And can I come along You’re wasted and stoned when I am sober as a marble I think I love you are horrible I think I love you are horrible You can’t be my girl You"
  • Orki z Majorki - G.F. Darwin
    "Orki, Orki z Majorki Orki z Poznania I ze Stalowej Woli Pan Bóg, stworzył walenie I bawi się z nimi, kiedy się goli Orki to takie pandy Tylko, że w wodzie I mają płetwy Pan Bóg też chciał mieć płetwę Ale"
  • To jest kurzy rap - G.F. Darwin
    "To jest kurzy rap To jest kurzy rap To jest kurzy rap To jest kurzy rap zia zai zia zia zarno! zia zai zia zia zarno! zia zai zia zia zarno! zia zai zia zia zarno! To jest kurzy rap zia zai zia zia zarno! To"

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