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Early morling

  • Early 1970 - Ringo Starr
    "Lives on a farm, got plenty of charm, beep, beep He's got no cows but he's sure got a whole lotta sheep And brand new wife and a family And when he comes to town I wonder if he'll play with me Laying"
  • Early Autumn - Billy Eckstine
    "If I told a lie, if I made you cry When I said goodbye, I'm sorry From the bottom of my heart, dear I apologize If I caused you pain, I know I'm to blame Must have been insane, believe me From the bottom"
  • Early Frost - Youngstown
    "Summer came and went so fast, at my summer home I found a summer love and I hoped it would last But then the rain came down that fall And I'm all out of reasons that you don't call And sometimes on"
  • Early Retirement - Belvedere
    "There's nothing now, just sit and stare While lying on his rocking chair Just waiting for it to be over There was a time back When he's carried all that's brought on him And put it on his shoulder Popular"
  • Early Morning - Alesana
    "Last night I forgot how the sound your voice whispered sweet Goodbyes, your eyes left to die I'm alone too I don't stand why Why not one more night one last kiss good bye my sweet love tonight I hope"
  • Early Hours - Texas
    "Yeah I need somebody To help in some way Cause I've changed my mind now Being around you I appreciate you being here I appreciate you helping I'm down (x4) Yeah I need somebody To help in some way Cause"
  • Early Autumn - Psycho le Cemu
    "Kimi ga kureta natsu sora ni hanabi to kodomo-tachi wa yuusuzumi tada kaze kaoru yama no hotori de futari dake no natsumatsuri Adokenai yukata sugata kokoro shimetsukerareru mekuru meku natsu no yoru"
  • Your'e Early - 2:54
    "I’ve been watching i’ve been waiting for you for you Run my fingers around the frame the frame the frame I just want to be close Let myself in hope you don’t mind don’t mind a little longer the view"
  • Early Christmas Morning - Cyndi Lauper
    "Listen to the children sing Watch them dancing all 'round the Christmas tree ... Waiting for the opening Early Christmas morning ... All around the world is sleeping Little children there's no peeping Wait"
  • Sweep Down Early - The Innocence Mission
    "Sweep down early, Tomorrow, come. Ring out. Tell me you have arrived. I will kiss all the faces of my beloved ones. I will meet the morning. Sweep down early, my friend. And we will go somewhere now. And"

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