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Ferry wey ferry wey ferry wey'

  • Same Old Scene - Bryan Ferry
    "(Ferry) Nothings last forever Of that I'm sure Now you've made an offer I'll take some more Young loving may be Oh so mean Will I still survive The same old scene' In our lighter moments precious few It's"
  • Pyjamarama - Bryan Ferry
    "(Ferry) Couldn't sleep a wink last night Oh how I'd love to hold you tight They say you have a secret life Made sacrifice your key to paradise Never mind, take the world by storm Just boogaloo a rhapsody"
  • Kiss & Tell - Bryan Ferry
    "(ferry) Ten cents a dance Its the only price to pay Why give em more When its only love for sale? Adam and eve Its the oldest game in town Just a one way street To a faded magazine Kiss and"
  • As The World Turns - Bryan Ferry
    "(ferry) There's a place in my heart All broken and still Where I may wander alone. At the end of the day As the world turns I turn to thoughts of home Though you're far away I imagine How you would smile"
  • Four Letter Love - Bryan Ferry
    "(ferry) One across you wake up Two down's asleep Three days a week you're laughing Before you weep I got your number From up above Four letter love Four letter love Down to the letter Oh you'd better Count"
  • Broken Wings - Bryan Ferry
    "(ferry) Through the golden sunset Across the borderline Stands a cross A simple sign There the fires of evening Reveal so many things But who can mend broken wings? Southern belles, fancy rings Divorced"
  • Do The Strand - Bryan Ferry
    "(Ferry) There's a new sensation A fabulous creation A danceable solution To teenage revolution Do the Strand love When you feel love It's the new way That's why we say Do the Strand Do it on the tables Quaglino's"
  • In Every Dream Home A Heartache - Bryan Ferry
    "(Ferry) In every dream home a heartache And every step I take Takes me further from heaven Is there a heaven? I'd like to think so Standards of living They're rising daily But home oh sweet home It's"
  • Virginia Plain - Bryan Ferry
    "(Ferry) Make me a deal and make it straight All signed and sealed, I'll take it To Robert E. Lee I'll show it I hope and pray he don't blow it 'cause We've been around a long time just try try try tryin'"
  • Street Life - Bryan Ferry
    "(Ferry) Wish everybody would leave me alone -yeah They're always calling on my telephone When I pick it up there's no one there So I walk outside just to take the air Come on with me cruising down the"

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